Posted by: arkAile | December 27, 2010

Some thoughts for Lis Ani! Live Day Stage

It’s been one week since Lis Ani! Live and finally here’s my post on it. Day Stage first.

Before talking about the live itself, here’s some thoughts for the experience on queueing up for live goods at Lis Ani! Live.

This is probably the easiest and dissapointing queueing up for live goods experience so far. Reached the venue at 10am and found out that it’s actually quite a warm and cozy place for queueing. After 1 hour of reading magazines and talking crap, me and half of the queue was moved into the lobby of the hall to queue, which is REALLY warm and comfortable, not like some freezing outdoor stairs in Kanagawa last year. After 1 and a half hour of queueing, the sale started. Thanks to whoever screwed up delivering the T-shirts, I only got a pamphlet and Kalafina’s <Storia> for myself after all the queue and it’s the first time I ever failed to get a live T-shirt because of stupid reasons.

Next, I’ll talk bout the live experience.

First up is GDM.

Girls Dead Monster starring LiSA
1:Thousand Enemies
Instead of starting of directly, Lisa started off with a short piece of Little Braver unplugged. It’s my first time seeing Lisa’s live performance and I must say it was really impressive. Nice choice to start off a live concert btw.

Lisa showed her nice vocals really well in this song.

3:Day Game
Lots of calls in this song and Lisa sure know how to bring up the atmosphere of the crowd.

4:Crow Song
Quite some calls in this song too. Listening to this song live is definitely a different experience than a MP3 version.

MC part for Lisa was nice. Thought she was cute before that and even cuter when she says “やばい~”. *nosebleeds*

Next up is Faylan.

5:Last vision for last
Started off with OP of Hyakka Ryoran. Nicely done and the fans had nice response.

ED for Milky Holmes and there goes my first UO for the live.

This song sounded really familiar to me but just can’t remember where I heard it. The song itself wasn’t as high as other songs by her but it was really nicely done.

8:mind as Judgment
I knew this song will come out last for her. Really liked this song very much and once again Faylan did it without any problem.

Faylan sure has good popularity in Japan. I can see many people wearing Faylan live T-shirt and I’m quite sure I saw a few guys wearing the Faylan Ouen Taichou set. One very awsm news for everyone is when Faylan was asked which country she will like to visit, her answer was シンガポール!!! Yeah, Singapore!! (note Q35 above) Hope to see her here soon. Another funny thing is, instead of shouting Faylan’s name, some people shouted Gan-chan(the drummer) like mad. www

Next up is Kalafina!

Hmm…adore? Thought they’ll start off with something like Oblivious.

AWSM song as always. I never get bored listening to this song again and again. Sure is funny to feel so happy listening to a song which I was listening when I got knock down by a car last year. www

I really really liked the part where Keiko and Wakana duet in this song. *thumbs up*

Was hoping for Oblivious or Fantasia, but oh well. Finally a chance to use an UO for a Kalafina song.

Kalafina MC is as intersting as always. This time round they talked about the survery questions in the pamphlet and Hikaru looked like she’ll fall asleep anytime and start talking funny stuffs. Still remember at one part of the MC, someone behind me shouted “HIKARU~~~” and I shouted “WAKANA~~~~” and then this Ojii-san next to me shouted “KEIKO~~~” even louder. www

Special guest *thumbs up*

13:Cross Over
9nine sounded really familiar when they mentioned it and the song was REALLY familiar to me too. Thanks to 1 month not watching any animes, I finally realised it’s Stardriver’s ED, oh well. Their dance were pretty good to me.

Tomacchan キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!! *listens to fans sitting around me shouting her name like mad*

14:Baby Baby Love
Haruka’s live sounded better than I expected. She did a “Kiraboshi-!” during the self intro after the song and it was seriously very cute *stuffs tissue to nose*

15:Girls, Be Ambitious.
Woot! Always wanted to listen to this live and finally here it is. It was pretty fun shouting and jumping for this song.

This song was unexpected and why not sing Nagisa no Shooting Star instead TдT Just not that used to Haruka singing slow songs.

(゜∀゜) Thanks to this song, I now know I can actually jump quite high, oh well. Another UO for this song since I loved this song and it’s one of the few songs that caught my attention on Haruka. Good job, Haruka!

Haruka as popular as always, fan shouting and screaming all over the place. Can’t really what she said during MC besides having a namaniku event with fans. www

And next, finally, Kawada Mami.

Sadly, I don’t know much of her songs but still enjoyed the live and amazed by her skills performing live.

18:No buts!
I would probably rank this song the best song of the day. It’s one of the few first anisong that I’ve known and the whole hall really look like they went crazy when she sang this song.

This song is amazingly awesome! Guess Shana’s song is still few of the best anisongs I’ve heard so far.

The live ended at 5pm after 3.5 hours. My hands and legs were still feeling alright but started to lose my voice after all the crazy fanboy shouting. Took a half an hour break and met up with nakamas before the next live in roughly 1 hour time.


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