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nothing more than a normal student from Malaysia starting school in NUS soon in August who happen to be a fan of Minorin and Mina-chan from Sphere.

= 我只是一个来自马来西亚,即将在八月在新加坡的NUS上课的普通少年。刚好也很喜欢みのりん和スフィア里的美菜ちゃん。

If you want to talk more with arkAile, please contact thru MSN at Evenstar_280@hotmail.com

Passionate about Japanese culture, especially ni-jigen bunka.
Yukarin means everything to him. Is being melon-ed at Yokohama. めろんめろんになりまちた~
Besides Yukarin, he likes the IDOLM@STER series too.
Had been to Nana-chan’s Live Formula at Saitama Super Arena during the year of 2008, The IDOLM@STER Christmas Party 2009, and Tamura Yukari Love Live ~ Princess Ala Mode~ 2009~2010.
Horie Yui and Chihara Minori are also some of his favorite seiyuu/singer too.
Actually wanted to be hit by Star Light Breaker, and change his surname into Takamachi. He don’t mind changing it to Tamura too.
Lolicon, with negative resistance to loli+tennen. Resistance against baka chara also reduced recently.
Big Ribbon on head = moe.
He likes Speed Metal and any rock music, also favours in A-Pop too.

热衷于日本的文化, 特别是二次元文化。
最喜欢的声优是田村ゆかり。自从被yukarin melon了一下之后,更加的忠心于yukarin王国了。
接下来就是the idolmaster系列了。
于2008年出席Live Formula at Saitama Super Arena,2009年出席了the idolmaster Christmas Party 2009,2010年出席了横滨站的田村ゆかりlove live~Princess Ala Mode~ 2009~2010。
此外, 他也很喜欢堀江由衣, 茅原实里等实力派声优/歌手。
其实他很想被Star Light Breaker打, 然后改姓高町。 若要改姓田村也是可以的。
一个死萝莉控, 对萝莉+天然呆没有什么抵抗力。最近开始没办法抵挡笨蛋属性了。
个人的音乐口味是速度金属(speed metal), 还有摇滚乐。 当然, 他也很喜欢A-Pop。

A passionate anime-seiyuu’s fan, especially Mizuki Nana. I had been to Live Formula Round7 , Live Fighter Blue & Red side, Live Fever Round 5 & 6 and Live Diamond. Although I am not as hardcore as those Hong Kong and Taiwan’s fans, but I am still proud to be a Nana’s fan!

是一个无药可救的奈控,也是一个喜欢交朋友的宅男,参战过Live Formula, Live Fighter, Live Fever以及Live Diamond. 至于喜欢她的原因嘛…….


就算马来西亚要去日本需要签证,就算日本的Money changer不收马币,那也阻止不了我们去日本败家的心~!

    Our Belief:

Even applying for traveling Visa to Japan is very troublesome, even though Japan’s money changer does not accept Ringgit malaysia, but nothing can stop us from traveling, playing, walking around in Japan!



  1. Im so envy of you guys, can go to Japan and have so much fun !! Its one of my dream to someday go to Japan and meet my friends there.. I had a few friends and i really hope someday i can meet them, face to face. But its so expensive, accomodation and stuff…hoping one day i can go to Japan and have fun like you all does…

    • Do tell us if you need any suggestions, tips or recommendations on anything. Will be glad to share wif you what we know about travelling in Japan.

  2. Hi there, constantly i used to check weblog posts here early in the break
    of day, because i love to find out more and more.

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