Posted by: chris1809 | November 9, 2010

Toteshinse’s Guide to AFA: Milky Holmes

如果你不知道他们是谁的话,他们是由交换卡牌游戏制作公司- Bushiroad旗下的多媒体作品。而这四位,就是该媒体作品的声优们啦~ 而这次,AFA邀请到了他们四个人到AFA表演。

For those who are not familiar, or even don’t know who they are, Milky Holmes are an anime/game series, produced by a trading card game company – Bushiroad. This year, 4 of them, YES, 4 OF THEM are appearing in this year’s AFA!

– 三森すずこ
– 橘田いずみ
– 徳井青空
– 佐々木未来

The members of Milky Holmes are:
– Mimori Suzuko(三森すずこ)
– Kita Izumi(橘田いずみ)
– Tokui Sora(徳井青空)
– Sasaki Mikoi(佐々木未来)


Currently, they have radio show, animation, comic, novel, and an upcoming PSP games in work. Since all of them are still new in this region, please give them support during this event.

这是他们第一个PV,也是他们的得一张单曲的主打歌 – 雨上がりのミライ
Here, please take a look on their PV of their song – Ame Agari no Mirai!



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