Posted by: chris1809 | November 4, 2010

Toteshinse’s Guide to AFA X: Angela


This time, i am going to inroduce to you, Angela.
Angela is one of my personal favorite singer group, they had been in this region for 7 years. Which series of anime will you think of them, and of course that’s soukyuu no fafnar!

他们2人皆来自冈山市,于2003年出道。而debut song是动画“宇宙星路”(宇宙のステルヴィア)的OP – 明日へのbrilliant road。
而其他很有代表的,例如:英雄时代(heroine Age)的OP – gravitation, 尸姬(shikabane)的OP- Beautiful fighter。
而近期代表有魔神相克者(Asura Cryin)的OP – Spiral,Alternative,以及欢乐番妄想学生会(生徒会の役員共)的ED-蒼い春。

Angela is a group of 2, that’s vocal – Atsuko, and Guitarist – Katsu.
Both of them are from Okayamashi, debut in 2003. And their debut song is “Asu he no Brilliant Road”, OP of animation “uchuu no Stelvia”.
the next year, their Single “Shangri-La”, OP for Soukyuu no Fafnar, did very well and ranked 12th on the week. Its quite shocking, or rather to say its rare, for Anime Songs getting such rank in Oricon.
And recently, Spiral from Asura Cryin, Alternative from Asura Cryin 2, and Aoiharu from Seitokai no Yakuindomo, is also their latest work. For those who watched these anime, you will know how great is their singing is.

Angela’s Debut Song – 明日へのBrilliant Road


此外,他们也很勤劳奔跑于国外市场,像是美国,加拿大等地的ACG活动也都曾受邀参与演出。而2008年也到台湾办过演唱会。当然,在日本国内,他们也受邀参与Animelo Summer Live。

They did went to different countries and do performance too. they had been to USA, Canada, and Taiwan as well. Of course, they had been invited to perform on Animelo Summer Live too.
And this time, they are invited to perform in AFA, so why can you miss this big chance!


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