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Toteshinse’s Guide to AFA X: JAM Project & 水木一郎

大家好~ 我似乎很久没有上来post东西了。。。所以今天还是来post点东西好了,免得没有存在感。。。xD
再过12天,就是亚洲动漫节(AFA X)的来临了!
首先,先介绍一下这次我要介绍的团体: JAM Project!

Hello Guys! I think i had been a while since my last post, so i think i better come to post something… before everyone forgetting me xD
few more days counting down to AFA, are you ready!?
This is the 3rd AFA held, and the 3rd time i joined this event.
Comparing to the past 2 year, this year’s AFA program is getting richer. So, we decided to make a series of guide to AFA, to let everyone know about what AFA is about, and their invited guest as well.
1st, I am going to introduce to you – JAM Project!


JAM Project(Japanese Animation song Makers Project),成立于2000年。目前成员有:
JAM Project, Started their group in the year 2000. Current Members:


Kageyama Hironobu
I think those whose age is close to me definitely know who he is! His most notice song of course, Cha-La-Head-Cha-La from Dragon Ball Z. He is in charge of vocal, writing lyrics.

狮子王!歌唱实力不俗,除了个人专辑以外,还有不少翻唱动漫歌曲的专辑(ENSON),像是水树奈奈的Eternal Blaze,石川智晶的Uninstall,LiA的鸟之诗,Akino的创圣的Aquarion等等都被他翻唱过。

Endou Masaaki
The lion king, the CCO (LOL). Besides his own individual project, he had been covering other Anime Song as well( The ENSON album series), For example, Mizuki Nana’s Eternal Blaze, Ishikawa Chiaki’s Uninstall, Lia’s Tori no Uta, Akino’s Sousei no Aquarion etc.

个人很喜欢,很欣赏的女歌手其中一位。身兼歌手,作词作曲人,加入Jam Project来加强女声合唱和合音工作。

Okui Masami
I like her very much personally. She is one of the best composer in Anime song work, her individual project as well. She joined JAM Project since 2003.

同样拥有作词作曲能力,也拥有如影山一般的雄厚且磁性的歌声,Macross 7里头的歌曲几乎包办。

Fukuyama Yoshiki
He is good in composing songs, and singing as well, most notably songs from Macross 7.

相信大家也对他不陌生,动画《海贼王》的第一首OP WE ARE!就是他唱的。

Kitadani Hiroshi
I think a lot of people will not be unfamiliar with him… thanks to the Animation OP – We Are!

而aniki水木一郎呢,也曾经是JAM Project的成员其中一员,于2003年发表“非常勤”宣言,渐渐淡出JAM Project的活动。但是时不时也都会回来客串&加入JAM Project的演出。而这次,再次的让Aniki与Jam Project同台演出,还没买票的人,请不要放过这个机会!如果你喜欢机战系列,你喜欢热血动画的话,更加不可以放过这个千载难逢的机会来看他们同台演出啊!

and Aniki was JAM Project member too. He sometimes appear as guest in JAM Project’s live concert. This time, AFA invited them to on stage together, why can you miss this chance!? For those who haven’t bought the ticket, please go and grab one, and i can guarentee you won’t regret for it!

这里介绍JAM Project近期的几首代表歌曲吧!
Athere i introducing a few notable songs by JAM Project:

SKILL from dai 2 kai Super Robot War Alpha)

GONG (第3次超級機器人大戰α~前住終焉的銀河~)
GONG from dai 3 kai Super Robot War Alpha

Rescue Fire (Tomika Heroes Rescue Fire)
Rescue Fire from Tomika Heroes Rescue Fire

当然还有很多,像是迷宫Prisoner,Crest of Z’s,限界バトル等等,都是很有特色的歌曲呢!有兴趣的朋友,可以去youtube看看!喜欢的话,请记得买张门票,进去看看他们live的威力吧!

Of course, there’s even more songs from them i.e. Meikyuu Prisoner, Crest of Z’s, Genkai Battle etc. Please pay a visit to youtube and search for their video clips if you are interested.




  1. o_O why don’t have it in english OTL

    • Hello Sentinel,
      ok updated with english~

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