Posted by: arkAile | October 28, 2010

It’s Aki-chan’s Birthday today~

あやひ的生日隔了几天就到了愛生ちゃん的生日了。这次的图是不久前愛生ちゃん参加某电台节目时的万圣节cosplay。老实说我也不知道是不是cosplay,可是看起来很可爱就是了。前几天才刚公布K-On Live! 2 的消息,周围似乎有不少朋友打算去参加,就不知道我有没有这个机会去多一次K-On! Live了。。。下个月就是Sphere武道馆Live了,再加上4位成员的单曲连发,Sphere的粉丝们,你们(的钱包)都准备好了吗?再一次,愛生ちゃん、お誕生日おめでとう!!

Just a few days after Ayahi’s birthday, we have reach the birthday of another Sphere’s member — Aki-chan!! The picture above was a Haloween Cosplay Aki-chan did during a radio show not long ago. I don’t really know whether that’s a cosplay but it seriously looks very cute. News for K-On! Live 2 was announced few days back then, there seems to be quite a few people who are planning to go to this concert around me, I wonder if I’m able to join them for the fun. Next month is coming soon and it marks the releasing of Sphere’s member single x 4 and Sphere’s first Budoukan Live. Too bad I couldn’t join the Budoukan fun this time… Anyway, Happy Birthday to Aki-chan!!



  1. nice info, thank you

  2. Happy happy birthday~

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