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Girl Dead Monster 最新情报/Latest News


所有GDM的歌迷都有福了(或许是“负”),在大家都以为GDM会随着Angel beats动画的完结而结束的时候,杂志上发布了最新的情报
I have been waiting for this for a long, long time, and finally there is an official announcement of GDM~!
When most of the GDM’s fans are wondering if GDM will gone after the ending of Angel beats!, the latest news is announced

As you can see from the photo, this is the announcement of the new single maxi.
The date of release if 8th of December and it is extremely worth of money, and I will translate the Japanese part in the picture.

首先是GDM的初代Vocal – 岩泽(Iwasawa/marina)所演唱的Last song.
说实话名字听起来很直接的就会觉得,似乎岩泽的歌都是用song来结尾的(Crow song/My song)
而第二首歌则是动画里面原本由岩泽所作曲而YUI所填词的Thousand Enemies的岩泽填词版本, 当同样的曲,配上不同的词和演唱这之后,到底会带来怎么样的化学反应还是很值得期待的.
第三首则是新歌 – God Bless You
The first single maxi is from GDM’s first Vocal – Iwasawa(marina)
The first song is “Last song”
It is kind of strange to put he 1st song in the album as Last song though.XD
However, we can see that most of her song’s title is ending with “song”.
In the magazine, it is said to be in rock tune, and i am really looking forward to hear it.
The second song is “Hot meal”(not hot-mail…..XD)
This is another version of Thousand Enemies which lyric is written by Yui in the anime, but this time it is Iwasawa’s lyric version, of course in a different name. As a Iwasawa’s fan, I am extremely excited to see her get this song back and sing it in her own way.
The third song will be the brand new song – God Bless you

接下来则是Yui的新单曲,也是Keep the angel beats!里面我共鸣最深的歌曲的重新编曲版本 – 一番の宝物 Yui Final ver.
而第二首歌则是新曲 – Storm song
第三首歌则是特别为了Keep the angel beats!巡回而制作的Day Game, 也是现场互动非常良好的歌曲, 也给所有没买演唱会会刊的朋友机会听听看.(买了的请节哀…)
Next, Yui’s single maxi – The song I enjoyed the most during Keep the angel beats! live – 一番の宝物 Yui Final ver.
This song is awesome no matter in CD or in live, and hopefully the new arrangement of the song will make it even more awesome!
The second song is the new song – Storm song
The third song – Day Game is a song specially made for Keep the Angel beats! live, and it is very good in live. However the only CD’s version is with the live booklet, so this is the chance for those who didn’t bought the live booklet to give it a try.

而Thousand Enemies的改词版本更是一个非常大的挑战,我觉得非常值得期待
特典方面,岩泽的是送漫画, 而Yui则是送PV DVD(Little braver/Day Game)

Overall:I personally feel that marina might not continue her singing career after GDM, and to be honest, I am more touched to see her single than Yui.
Thousand Enemies another version is also a great challenge which I am really eager to hear it.
About the new song, i guess both of them should be rock tune, since GDM is rock band in the beginning of the story……XD
For omake(free gift) , Iwasawa’s single is giving away comic, and Yui’s single is giving a DVD with the promotional video of Little braver and Day Game.

For those who wanna buy but don’t know how, can contact me personally.



  1. marina嘛。。。。thousand Enemies的岩泽版本让我想当的期待呢,Last song的话,感觉都很悲伤吧,不过我蛮喜欢marina唱my song(慢歌)的感觉呢。。。。god bless you的话。。。一切等待发售日。。。
    Lisa嘛。。。yichiban no takramono的yui final ver不知道会如何呢?(那某一幕出现了。。= =)storm song的话,一切等待发售日,Day game我在youtube的visualarts 那里听了,day game是我最喜欢的曲风之一,那种一时起跳点0一时100%的感觉吧?(个人不会解释= =)

    • Last song的预想对比应该是Rain song,不过毕竟Iwasawa感觉太帅了
      I chi ban no takaramono不只是期待,还有恐惧 = =
      Day game的现场还是比较爽的,希望还有机会再来一次XD

  2. hey, i’d like to buy the iwasawa single but i’m not sure how and i don’t know your email for contacting you either.

    • I have sent an email to you, can email me or add me to MSN if you want.

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