Posted by: arkAile | September 20, 2010

Happy 17th Birthday for Hocchan!!

Once again, it’s Hocchan’s 17th Birthday and she is as cute as always =3

Went to watch her 2 days live in Budoukan one year ago and her cuteness is still there in my memory fresh. To be honest, her live was really wonderful. The singing and the choreography is just awesome, I wonder where she got herself so much stamina. Alrite, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Hocchan and shall celebrate it with eating birthday cake =D. *posting picture for cake later*

又一次,又到了ほっちゃん 17岁的生日。她还是一样那么可爱呀!=3

去年到了武道馆看她的2日演唱会。虽然过了一年,但她可爱的程度依然是记忆犹新呀!老实说,她的演唱会实在是太精彩了。歌唱和舞蹈实在是没有能够批评的地方,真不知道她哪来这么多力气呀。。。好了,再一次祝ほっちゃん 17岁生日快乐!今晚就吃蛋糕来庆祝好了!*迟些时候再放个蛋糕的图吧*


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