Posted by: arkAile | September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mina-chan!!

Happy 19th Birthday to Mina-chan! Also congratulations on releasing her debut single 2 days ago! I must say that all 3 songs in <Shiny+> was truly awesome and the PV was *drools* very nicely done. I can still remember writing a similar post for her birthday one here ago at the airport before my first flight to Japan. Time really flies~ Anyway, now that she has her debut single and 2nd single coming up on 24th November, lets just hope our lovely Mina will have a shiny future!

祝みなちゃん 19岁生日快乐呀!同时也恭喜她2天前发行了各人的首张单曲!老实说,<Shiny+> 里面的3首歌曲都真的真的很棒,PV也让人口水直流拍得很不错!还记得一年前也在机场写了类似的文章,当时还是第一次飞日本之前的数小时呢!时间真的过得好快啊!有了首张单曲,11月24日也将发行第2张单曲,希望みなちゃん的前途是闪亮亮的呀!



  1. AYE!! JOY TO THE WORLD for on this day a goddess has graced our land with her beauty and VOCALS! xD ALL HAIL KOTOBUKI

  2. 衝著她的PV我也買了Shiny+…

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