Posted by: arkAile | September 13, 2010

Of AFA X Press Conference

arkAile attended the AFA X Press Conference at 5th floor of Scape today. Details below.

arkAile 今天参加了在Scape 5楼召开的AFA X记者招待会。详情下面继续!

I believe everyone by now has already checked the Official Website for the lineups, but for those who are lazy, you can just checked it out here.


On the Day 1 we have Mizuki Ichirou and JAM Project. Looks like it’s the 3rd time Aniki is performing on AFA again but I believe his fan won’t mind watching it once every year. And, finally we got the whole JAM Project down in Singapore. This combination on first day  almost means that there will be a collaboration between Aniki and JAM Pro (Aniki was a member of  JAM Pro anyway). So people, have you got your UOs ready and start the MOTTO! MOTTO! ?

第一天的演出嘉宾有水木一郎和JAM Project。 虽然这次是アニキ第三次在AFA上演出,相信アニキ的粉丝们都不会介意每一年都看一次他精彩的表演吧?再来,我们终于有JAM Project 5人来到新加坡表演了。アニキ和JAM Project的组合大概就等于会有共同合唱的意思了吧(アニキ以前也是JAM Project的成员的说)?大家,你们都准备好荧光棒了吗?大家一起もっと!もっと!吧!

Moving on to Day 2, we have May’n (Buchou!!!), angela and Scandal. Yup, I think everyone knows that May’n has been at AFA since AFA’08, but well, this time round I’m actually looking forward to <Ready Go!>’s (Ookami-san’s OP) live performance. Next, for angela, Shangri-La live sounds awesome to me, but other of her songs I really don’t know, more details bout angela anyone? Oh ya, don’t forget your towel. As for Scandal, I liked <瞬間センチメンタル> from Full Metal Alchemist, so really will like to listen to their live performance for that song. I guess the best part for them is that their performance means live band, so it should be quite worth watching.

到了第二天,我们有May’n,angela 和 Scandal. 大家都知道May’n打从AFA 2008开始年年都到,但反而我比较期待这一次的<Ready Go!>(オオカミさんOP) 的现场版。angela嘛,Shangri-La现场应该会很好听,其他的歌曲我就不怎么熟悉了,但是毛巾千万别忘了带!有没有人可以分享一下对angela的歌曲的认识呀?至于Scandal,个人蛮喜欢钢炼的<瞬間センチメンタル>,很想听听看现场版。再加上Scandal的表演一定是现场乐队,所以不妨开开眼界吧?

To all those with the Hanazawa Syndrom, please live till the moment you see her in person, and congratulations. Hopes that she’ll sing <Renai Circulation> live.

As for Milky Holmes, they are not that popular over here, but in Japan seems to be the opposite. They have so far released one single, do check out their PV HERE. Some people compares Sphere to Milky Holmes. On my perspective, it’s not necessary since they got their own charm to attract fans. Also, Milky Holmes seems to be more like a unit for anime (just like Di Gi Charat) than a girl seiyuu idol unit like Sphere. Well, let’s see how their live performance will be like.


至于Milky Holmes,在这里虽然还不是很出名,但是在日本似乎很有人气。至今天为止她们也只有一张单曲,有兴趣的话可以看看她们的PV。有些人会拿Milky Holmes来和スフィア来作比较,个人觉得两边都各有各自的优点,所以没什么好比较的。况且,Milky Holmes是根据动画而集结的团体(好像Di Gi Charat)那样,性质上本来就不一样了。希望到时候能够看到她们的现场功力到底如何。

Do check the official website for more details and updates. See you at AFA X!

欲知更多详情与更新,请查阅官网。我们AFA X见!



  1. I have been waiting for THIS~!
    HOORAY for KANA, scandal is a supprise,
    Most of the others i just heard them live during animelo ,lolz

    Wonder if anyone here know who is milky homes….XD

  2. nice, must go this year

  3. 那么我们在 AFA2010 见吧!

  4. 想不到連記者招待會你也會去!!

    • 能够以Blogger的身份去我也没想到啊=D

  5. actually I think Milky Holmes is more towards the Galaxy Angels side … card game and PSP game … 🙂

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