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Animelo 2010 – Evolution day1

The english part is translated by Taku, Thanks a lot.

1 『レスキューファイアー』/JAM Project×栗林みな実
2 『only my railgun』/fripSide
only my railgun爆了一支UO,全场UO率接近80,气氛相当良好
Taku: My seat isn’t good, almost can’t hear anything for the first song. The late part is slightly better but it’s a pity that “Only my railgun”, I used 1 ultra orange lightstick . The atmosphere is very good but then this song in live version is indeed hard to sing, there’s a lot of parts feel…

3 『LEVEL5-judgelight-』/fripSide
有个笑话,因为Saitama super arena的2楼以上都叫200level,400level,所以她就拿这个来开玩笑
Taku: There’s a joke, as Saitama super arena’s 2nd level onwards, it’s called ,400level, then she used this as a cold joke but due to her reactions, this song performed quite well.

4 『オルタナティヴ』/angela
5 『Separation』/angela
6 『蒼い春』/angela
我也算是asura crying的爱好者,自然还是挺high的,现场实力也相当的不错
TaKu: As I am asura crying’s fan, I was high naturally. The live effect was great. 蒼い春’s call was terrific and as most of the people are familiar with this song, the atmosphere was great but then my throat seems to be dying on me as I shouted too much.

7 『遠くまで~infinity~』/高橋直純
8 『クローバー』/高橋直純
附带一提,我坐着听的时候,头一直被后面的一个萝莉打到 = =
Taku: His song isn’t really bad but then I feel like it’s better to sit down and listen. Clover is still alright, as it’s the first time listening to it, the feeling is quite ok. Adding on, when I was sitting down listening, my head was been hit by a loli behind me.

9 『月導』/南里侑香
10 『雫』/南里侑香
Taku: Indeed was godly! The performance is simply outstanding. The clothes is also very beautiful. Even though the 2 songs standards are high but it’s a pity that since I’m not familiar with the lyrics, it’s hard to bend into the atmosphere. It’s a waste that is no collaboration for her.

11 『Dear My Friend-まだ見ぬ未来へ-』/ELISA
12 『Real Force』/ELISA
Railgun Ending的出现让我再次感叹电磁炮在日本的惊人的人气
记得MC的时候有搞一段call and response,我们在台下大喊Elisa,她问我们なに? 我们就喊大好き
Taku: Railgun Ending’s appearance makes me feel the popular supporting of railgun’s supporting again. The performance is not bad and listening to it, it’s quite smoothing. The live atmosphere is very noble. There’s a time when the MC has a part on call and response, we were at the audience seats screaming Elis while she asking back なに?And we replied screaming我们就喊大好き气氛非常良好.

13 『逆光』/石川智晶
14 『涙腺』/石川智晶
Taku: Personally I feels like her song is better suited when sitting down, the feeling is quite smoothing. But then when I recalled that seeing some UO, I realized all our thinkings isn’t really the same.

15 『Find the blue』/いとうかなこ+志倉千代丸
16 『スカイクラッドの観測者』/いとうかなこ+志倉千代丸
再加上我本来就很喜欢CHAOS HEAD,现场我是call得相当high
这里也宣布了steins gate的动画化消息,而第二首歌开始的时候,大荧幕还播放OP动画
Taku: This awaiting is simply can’t be waited. As a ex-KID’s fan and also love CHAOS HEAD, I was very high. Now even they announced steins gate is going to become an anime and when the second song started, the screen was displaying the OP animation. To see Radio Station have an hole on it’s top is good, since every time my wallet will be emptied after going there.

17 『Bad Apple!!』/nomico(のみこ)+Masayoshi Minoshima
Taku: The big screen shows a black/white animation. Since I was not familiar with touhou, I didn’t fully support on call. Well there are some crazy fans nearby, they were crazily calling. The standard of the song was high; the live performance was great too. Everyone’s reaction was great too.

18 『Braveheart』/THE GOMBAND
19 『ブラック★ロックシューター』/THE GOMBAND
特别是black rock shooter的时候,大家都可以说是坏掉了一半了
Taku: This guy is one of those that I regarded as high potential guy singer. Too bad his performance is a bit rush or too nervous, some parts were very messy. But I can recognise that he’s able to sing in live and I call quite happily. Especially when BRS’s portion, all of the audience were half-way went mad.

20 『鳥の詩』/Lia
21 『My Soul,Your Beats!』/Lia
My soul your beats!开始的时候是有TV size那个钢琴声的
Taku: National Anthem again, due to the nervous part is gone, the whole song was godly. The bond was very deep even my tears flowed down, just like what arkAile said last time “There is one thing to do lesser for me to do before I die”.
The starting portion of My soul your beats! was following the TV size of the piano portion. The big screen was displaying 2ND episode’s animation. Some portions of the song seems to be strange but this does not mean much. Overall, it’s still acceptable.

22 『Alchemy【marina】』/Girls Dead Monster(LiSA,marina)
Taku: Again, I used up another UO. I was waiting for this!!!!!!!!!! Although can felt her nervousness, the performance is not bad. Comparing to the CD version, this round is a bit wild but the expression of the feeling is still okay. Suddenly there’s a feeling that I don’t mind to become to a NPC.

23 『Crow Song【Lisa】』/Girls Dead Monster(LiSA,marina)
没有MC直接进Crow song,不过不是合唱,而是LiSA的版本
如果是CD版本我比较喜欢Marina的,可是现场的这首Crow song神到不行
这边是在讨论Angel Beats的剧情,三个人都说哭了,我相信台下的人也够感同身受
Without any MC, Crow Song starts, however, it is not duet but LiSA solo version.
Although I prefer Marina’s for CD version, but the live is incredible~!
The only thing I can say is I am totally crazy during this song.
In my opinion, Lisa doesn’t act like a new singer.
She can sing well under pressure, and have good MC.
There was a part that Marina said that it is so good to sing in Saitama super arena that she almost think that she will be going to the paradise again.
LiSA said something epic…..
“Your way of saying might misleading other to the wrong way”(ROFL)
After that they invite Lia to join them, and three of them talk about their experience of watching Angel Beats! at home.
All of them admit that they cry when watching, and I bet most of the people there share the same feeling.

24 『Brave Song』/Lia×Girls Dead Monster(LiSA,marina)
Rock version, I will say three of them is lack of teamwork.
however, the part they sing together is still godlike.
Just that due to some reason, everytime i listen to this song will make me think of the flying chair.

25 『Butterfly Kiss』/米倉千尋
26 『WILL』/米倉千尋
27 『ゆずれない願い』/米倉千尋×田村直美
Not familar with the song, but the tension in the crowd is still very high, around 80% of them using UO
I am not familar with the special guest as well.
I like the song quite much, might be looking for CD version once I am back to Malaysia.

28 『Crystal Energy』/栗林みな実
29 『冥夜花伝廊』/栗林みな実
30 『あんりある♥パラダイス』/栗林みな実
哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦,CE是我在Mai Hime里面最喜欢的OP
OMG, Crystal Energy~!!!!
My favorite song in Mai Hime series, i give all out during this song.
I didn’t watch Katana Gatari, thus I am not familar with the second song
The third song I only knew where it came from when the song almost done = =
Well, the atmosphere is good, everyone seems to be enjoying the performance from good singer.

31 『Now loading…SKY!!』/Sphere-スフィア-
32 『Super Noisy Nova』/Sphere-スフィア-
33 『Future Stream』/Sphere-スフィア-
嗯,我必须说Now loading有点准备不足,很多地方出了问题
不过歌曲本身的类型还是我喜欢的,只可惜没有大魔王的歌 realove realife,算是相当遗憾的
结果在一个碰撞下,害我在call super noisy nova的时候不小心弄伤了脚 – –
In my opinion, I will say they are lack of practice, too many mistakes during Now loading…SKY!
I like the set list but it is a pity that they didn’t sing realove realife.
According to what I heard from few seniors who watch Sphere’s live before, I focus my eyesight on one person only…XD
To be mention, there is a guy on my left wearing the sphere t-shirts, who never react to any other song before Sphere
When sphere come out, he used up 6 UOs and going into crazy mode straight away
During super noisy nova, he somehow bang into my and i accidentally injured my leg = =
Well, he have been standing there for 5 hours to call 3 songs, and I usually jump into his place, so I didn’t tell him about that.
About the next two song, it is nice and the dance is not bad as well.
I bet they have practice this two songs of many times, and the tension of the audience is very high.
From here we can see that Sphere is quite popular in Anime fans.
I am very happy to be one of them who watch them live in person.

34 『欲望∞』/GRANRODEO
36 『Once&Foever』/GRANRODEO
I heard a lot of people calling them as Gay band or something, but their LIVE is AWESOME!
To be the second last to stand on the stage, they must be good enough to do so.
The tension is very high, especially girls……..
If there is a chance, I really hope to go to their concert once.
To be mention, there are a lot of “mother” class people wearing their live T-shirt = =

37 『MAXIMIZER』/JAM Project
39 『HERO』/JAM Project
40 『GONG~SKILL』JAM Project
没听过的朋友一定要听一次,我觉得没听过JAM的live的人不会了解什么是anime live的极限。
To be honest, I am not a big fan of JAM project.
However, when we sing HERO together, monitor is screening the lyrics, and I was very touched by it.
From what I know after this concert, JAM project’s song is very encouraging, and I really recommend those who never listen to their song give it a try.
If you never been to JAM project live, I bet you will never know how far can LIVE goes.

EN-1 『RE:BRIDGE~Return to oneself~』/アニサマ2009テーマソング
EN-2 『evolution ~for beloved one~』/アニサマ2010テーマソング
As usual, there must be someone’s microphone not working, although I have forgotten whose. It is a special feeling to see them singing together on the stage, but I think it is good.



  1. Wow, as usual, great review of a live ah fa. You’ve continued writing great descriptions for lives as usual.

  2. 去完奈奈西武2天没弹药再去ASL的某人只能在这边发射怨念死光了- –

  3. 我是 JAM Project 的粉丝,
    所以晁爱他们的歌曲~ (≧∇≦)

  4. 你就等着我回去再像你“指教”的日子吧!~
    bad apple 和 BRS已经够你跟我说了。。。~XD

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