Posted by: arkAile | August 11, 2010

AFA 2010: 13, 14 November

今年AFA(Anime Festival Asia) 的日期终于定下来了!在11月13和14日。不知道今年会请到谁来开唱,只好继续等消息了!

Date of AFA(Anime Festival Asia) 2010 has finally been announced. It’ll be on 13th and 14th of November this year. I really wonder who’ll be performing live this time, meanwhile will just wait for new updates!
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  1. They’d better get Sphere down here or at least them K-on girls with Hikasa Yoko or Imma be vuarry angurehhhhh >:O

    • Sphere has got a live in Budoukan in like 1 week plus after AFA. Do you think they can come?

      • lol I very much wish so. But we all know they cant =(
        I still remember how the staff didnt even let me get Minako’s signature last year lol

        • how?

          Srsly if they let you get one, everyone will chiong to get one too, and tat means lots of problems to the organizers ne…

          • I think they should at least give to those who gots the balls to go ask them right. Stingy sia, moreover the staff that I asked was so rude and stern. Not like the other two that I asked, and I remember those two wearing Organiser lanyards… hmmm…

          • Basically if they give one person, the rest will complain why they cant get, equals a lot of problems. Actually I think it’s up to the artist management wether autographs will be given. In fact I think it’s already good for them to give out a few autographed white board to random audiences (although I didn’t get one…)

  2. The winners dont even get to go up the stage and recieve it from them or shake hands with them!! wthh!

  3. 期待ING~ (=^.^=)

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