Posted by: inakiken | August 4, 2010

花牌活动的更新/Update for flower arrangement project

This is the flower arrangement this time.

由于这次comment booklet根本没时间制作的关系,觉得这次活动无意义的参与者可以向我要求无条件退款

It have been quite some times from Live games, and I only heard the news that the flower arrangement is sent after the concert.
I am really sorry for my misunderstanding, and the delay of updating.
Due to lacking of time, I didn’t prepare for the comment booklet for this time, and if you think that this project is meaningless and you wish to withdraw from it, please feel free to collect money from me.
However, I am really happy that we manage to sent the flower arrangement in that short period of preparation time, although I won’t say this is as successful as NKDS.
All thanks to those who contribute to the project, especially bloggers who promoting this event and guys flying over to Japan and take the photo of flower arrangement for us.

总数/Total = 14900yen + 505yen
sorry for no official receipt or invoice, because my friend seems to block me after this = =

Helper in Japan : BlueFlowHayami

The list of contributor is as below:
SGD30 from Ray Chan
SGD20 from Ekiryou
SGD10 from evangel55
SGD20 from Shawn
SGD20 from maurice
SGD20 from Julius Firefocht
*SGD 30 from victor

RM25 from Peace Ai
RM25 from Noos sKw
RM50 from Ah Foo
RM25 from 雨&あーや
RM25 from DeathMoonZ

400yen from BlueFlowHayami

If you have pass me the money but your name is not listed or the amount of money is wrong, Please leave a message or email me.



  1. Great job! Keep it up for next live!

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