Posted by: arkAile | July 26, 2010

Sphere ON LOVE, ON 武道館


据个人经验来说,在武道馆看演唱会的感觉真的很不错,如果有机会的话我也想去看Sphere ON LOVE, ON 武道館呀!前段时间发现了这个好东西,如果对武道馆的演唱会的位置分配感兴趣的人可以点这里。以上!

Never expect Sphere to hold a live concert in Budoukan just only 1 year plus after debut, but I sure feel happy for them. What bugs me most is actually the date falls on a Tuesday…..
From personal experience, Budoukan is an AWESOME place for a live concert. I’ll definitely don’t want to miss Sphere ON LOVE, ON Budoukan if I have the chance to watch. This is something I found earlier about seats arrangements for live concerts in Budoukan, you can click HERE if you are interested. That’s all!



  1. 总觉得这个年头的歌手好像很容易就可以站上武道馆似的… (;^_^A)

  2. 嘿嘿… 如果你是m.s.s.會員就好了… minorin的生日event應會在11月18日舉行, 順路呀!!

    • 我是呀!可是因为各种各样的原因我到现在还不知道自己的编号。。。。

  3. 連編號也不知?? 那不就等如還沒加入嗎?? 亦即是說FAN CLUB那個網站你未到過?? 快把這些追回來吧!!

    我還以為你不是, 所以上次才沒用會員資格來抽票…

    • 情况有点复杂难以解释,不过会员卡已经发出来了就是了。


  4. 那就真是要看你的造化了…

  5. what bugs me most is that I can’t go at all lol.
    How much do you spend for say, one week in japan when you visit?

    • If you don’t buy to many stuffs, 2K~2.5K sgd shud be quite enough

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