Posted by: chris1809 | July 26, 2010

田村ゆかり第八张专辑名字確定!/ Tamura Yukari’s 8th Album title finalized!

专辑名称,发售日和特典大部分也已经确定了! 接下来就是乖乖等待发售日了。。。
初回限定盘内附「You & Me」「My wish My love」「おしえて A to Z」、新曲「LOVE ME NOW!」的PV同捆DVD!此外,还有一本迷你写真集哦!


Yey, the long await Yukarin’s 8th Album – Title is finalized!
Title: Citron’s Rain
Release Date: 9th Sept 2010
For the first press of the album, there will be 4 PVs included inside the bonus DVD, and a mini photo album!

I might be getting a few copies… lol.
For those who interested in grabbing this, please let me know see if i can make it into a group purchase, so that we can cut our shipping fee down, AND with shop’s tokuten!


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