Posted by: arkAile | July 11, 2010

Mina-chan’s solo debut: Shiny+


该出现的总是会出现的,虽然个人比较期待<Where is Kobe>是第一张单曲的说。。。据友人说,名古屋Sphere Live的时候听到这首歌感觉很不错,那我也该好好期待一下了。只希望美菜ちゃん出个人单曲不等于Sphere的解散。以上!官网Link

What will happen will happen after all, but I really hoped the first single is <Where is Kobe>. According to a friend, Shiny+ was a nice song when it was sang during the Nagoya Sphere Live, I guess that’s really worth waiting for. Just hope that Mina-chan’s solo debut doesn’t mean the end of Sphere. That’s all this time. Official Website




  2. I also like Mina chan’s voice in her acting like k-on~! ^^

    • Her little bit of Okinawa-ben in Umimonogatari was quite awesome too! =D

  3. Where is Kobe~ Doko Kobe~xD

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