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Mascot Parade Report!

Mascot Parade于7月3日,在*Scape Orchard举行。这是个半室内的活动。
Mascot Parade is another event held at *Scape, Orchard, and it’s a semi-indoor event.

不过这一天,老天似乎很不作美,清早就狂风暴雨的,弄得许多人都是湿漉漉的来参与活动,我自己也不例外。而在比赛场地的地毯也因为雨水的关系,也都淹水了(大概是一般鞋底的厚度程度的淹水)。而我那双破烂的鞋子也因为这样,让我的袜子吸满了雨水 = =。
But the day doesn’t looks well, big rains in the morning, making lots of players are wet, including me. And thanks to the rain, the tournament venue is filled with water. The carpet is wet, and my socks are filled with water = =.

而今天的比赛,我也以代表DNA JB玩家代表的身份来参赛了。
Today’s tournament – Intershop Tournament for WS, i represented DNA JB.

虽然运气都不是很好,都在手滑,不过参加赏我倒拿到了好东西 – 6月份店家大赛的PR + Barrier Jacket Nanoha。
Although today my luck in tournament is quite bad, but i got nice random PR from the pool – a Barrier Jacket Nanoha.

之后呢,就是午餐&休息闲逛时间了。午餐我们一并人一起到老麦吃午餐。不过怎么看都不像是有座位的样子,就乖乖打包,到附近的空凳子上吃。正巧,碰到了Terence & The Mash在Old Town吃东西,呵呵。
吃饱后,购物&闲逛时间~ 也要为接下来的VS TD比赛准备一下,毕竟我还没看过卡组内有什么东西= =。
After the tournament, its Lunch time~ our gang moved to McD for lunch. Since there’s no free seat available, we have to take away and eat at benches outside. We met Terence & The Mash @ Old Town White Coffee, just somewhere near the bench.


is this called as Graffiti?

I saw this interesting thing… just wonder if there’s anyone jumped to the highest spot and….(ry

之后隔壁的舞台有个demo match,是为推广WS而安排的特别节目。在说明介绍后,Demo match – The Mash Vs. Darren开始了。
A demo match for WS is shown on the stage, to promote WS. And here starts the Demo Match between The Mash and Darren (TCG)

Battle on Stage

而demo match的对战结果,是The Mash获胜了,拍手~
and the result… The Mash won, congratulations!

很漂亮的一个WS roller stand。
Nice roller stand…

之后呢,我也去购物了。我买了个Comic Blade的Trial Deck,毕竟个人很喜欢Aria,也很喜欢天野梢老师的画风&颜色。早前想要买Aria的画册,可是价钱实在是太贵了。。。大概是原本的200%以上,就放弃了。。。
Afterward, we went to shop and bought Trial Decks of Victory Spark. I like Amano sensei’s artwork very well, ever since Aqua.
之前的WS比赛搞到我心情其实不是很好,所以坏习惯又来了。。。乱花钱= =(不是有钱,是即使没有钱,只要心情不好就会乱花钱,之后当然就是吃草吸拇指了 il||li_○/ ̄|_il||li ナンテコッタ )。
不过也还好,买了5包Comic Blade Booster,开到了2张RR,一张SR,而TD内也很幸运的拿到了签名卡 キャ━(*≧∇≦*)━☆★
Luckily, i got Amano sensei’s sign card from the trial deck, 2 RR and 1 SR from the booster out of 5 packs, whee~
不过我觉得最爽的,还是看到某位仁兄本来说“没钱啊,应该是不买了” 看着我们玩,变成“来,教我怎么玩(手拿着1个TD+几包Booster)”。。。xD
The VS Trial deck tourney is very fun too, everyone is enjoying the match. My result is not too bad, 2 won and 1 lose.

比赛结束,颁奖时刻~ 所有的颁奖嘉宾皆为The Mash。
End of the day’s tournament, and now it’s prize giving ceremony. Prize Giving guest – The Mash.

Winner of 3TD.

第三名 – Kelong
3rd place – Kelong

第二名-Yi Xiong
2nd place – Yi Xiong

Winner of the 3TD Tournament – Joey

Next, WS Intershop Tournament!

第三名- Yi Xiong
3rd Place – Yi Xiong

第二名- Bjorn
2nd Place – Bjorn

今天的冠军- Desu~ 恭喜恭喜~
Winner – Desu~

As Desu represents TCG, so the Challenge Shield will be presented to TCG.

TCG店家代表: Darren
TCG Representative – Darren

Here’s the end of report, thank you!


  1. 3rd place for 3TD is Kelong, and 1st place is Joey

    • Thanks for the info. Added in.

  2. 因该知道你说的那位仁兄是谁XD

  3. Oh…. we enjoy ourself a lot there …. And I even went crazy getting trash by my own deck …. Nooo…..o..o.o.

    But on the overall, Happy is the main thing.🙂

  4. Thank you for the very detailed report! I hope the event still turned out fruitful for you. =)

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