Posted by: chris1809 | July 1, 2010

The iDOLM@STER: The Best of 765+876=!! Complete set

終於把這一整套的best of 765+876給完成了~(雖然大部分時間都只是等待發售而已xD)。據說這套限定版本只有7650套,雖然不是很可以相信xD。

Whew, it tooks a few months to complete (well, just keep waiting for the release) of the set xD. and finally, i’ve completed all the limited edition of the CDs! From what info i can get from website, its limited print (heard its 7650 set in total, not sure if it’s really that limited, which i don’t really believe xD).

The contents of the CDs are compilation works of past imas songs, and also 1 brand new song each CD.

Vol.1 內含有CD一張和這個盒子。其他的CD請無視,那是我把所有的CD都放進去了。買來的時候只有一個盒子+一片CD。
The contents of Vol.1, the box and the vol.1 CD(please ignore the other CDs inside as the vol.1 is only the Vol.1 CD + the casing with 4 empty CD slot inside.

The Vol.2 Includes this big booklet, roughly smaller than the vol.1 box. inside is all the released CDs in the past 5 years, and lyrics of all song.

Vol.3 含CD 2片。1片是產品本體,另一片是遊戲背景音樂CD(PSP和NDS)。
Vol.3 includes a BGM CDs from the game, both PSP and NDS.

之前NBGI也已經結束了偶像大師的街機全國連線服務,而PSP版本的DLC也接近尾聲了(相信下個月推出最後一個後就結束更新了,最後一個會是chihaya 和某個作品和合作,目前資料不詳),而接下來幾天也會是偶像大師5週年紀念派對了。NBGI將會在這次的派對公佈全新系列作品,由2nd vision來擔當。在PS3上的可能性極高。這也就意味著,1st vision也來到了一個尾聲,而5週年派對也很可能是1st vision最後一個live event了。傷心。。。T.T

Since the service of idolmaster arcade had come into end, the DLC for PSP imas is also almost ended (most probably will come out last one for the next month, featuring Chihaya Collaborate with another title, which is unknown for the moment), and the 5th anniversary party is coming in a few days time. NBGI will announce a new project for 2nd vision of iDOLM@STER, most probably on PS3 (rumors). So, this 1st vision of iDOLM@STER had come into end, and the 5th anniversary party might be the last live event for 1st vision of iDOLM@STER. sad… QQ

偶像大師在這幾年帶給了我很多美好的回憶。遊戲內容,音樂製作的用心,故事的安排,更重要是live event時帶給我的歡笑和紀念。個人還蠻期待這次的新作品的公佈的,呵呵。不知道偶像大師的人,你應該試一試,這是個應該知道的作品,也是學習日文的好機會(裡頭用的日文不難理解)。喜歡此作品的,你應該要買下這一套的CD。失去收集這次限定版本的朋友,請買普通版的吧xD 不然的話,你就只好到雅虎拍賣,k-books之類的地方博運氣了xD。

Well anyway, iDOLM@STER had brought me a lot of nice memories, from the game, and from the live event too. So, do expect the new production of iDOLM@STER in the next few days time, and shall it last for another few years! For those who don’t know iDOLM@STER, please give it a try. its good thing to know, and good way to learn Japanese. For those who likes iDOLM@STER, please buy the compilation CD. For those who missed this limited version, just buy the normal version will do xD. or you can try hunt it on yahoo auctions or k-books, rashinbang etc. Its truly worth to keep a copy.



  1. Normally if it is limited release, they will impress a number on it… Unless they stated that it is One time release which is like one time printing release type and no more reprint…. 🙂

    Saw that in Japan and one of my friends who went there almost wanted to buy but not was out of his budget ….

    • it looks like its the 2nd kind that u mentioned, 1 time printing releases.
      there’s still normal version, with the CDs only. no boxes, no booklets, and no BGM CD.

      one of your friend… Stanley? xD

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