Posted by: arkAile | July 1, 2010

A: Who is this?

前一段时间写的Q: Who is this? 里面的问题,今天就来揭晓答案吧~

In response to the Q: Who is this posted a few days ago, here’s the answer for it~


The little girl in the picture above, after a few years, became the lady in the picture below~

答案就是— 喜多村英梨啦! 不知道有多少个人猜出来了。

如果不知道她是谁的话,近期内她陪过比较有名的人物应该是<とらドラ!>里面的川嶋亜美,还有<Angel Beats>里面的Yui了。说到喜多村英梨,最近貌似和今井麻美组成立一个叫Artery Vein的组合。组合名字有点怪,这样的组合也有点让人意外的感觉,似乎现在什么人都可以组成团体似的。单曲近日内发售,尽情期待吧~

The answer is non other than Kitamura Eri! I wonder how many people got it right.

If you don’t know who she is, she’s the voice behind Kawashima Ami in <Toradora!>, also voice of Yui-nyan in <Angel Beats>. Talking about Kitaeri, she seems to have formed a unit call Artery Vein together with Imai Asami. Name of unit is kinda weird, the combination of them two seems to be surprising to, it’s like any people can be teamed into a unit these days. Their single will be relesaing soon, looking forward to it~



  1. Oh that is unexpected…. 😮

    • Yah, she looks like a total different person. Maybe thicker make-up these days…..

      • Or Power of SK2….. 😛 or related stuff. 🙂

  2. 真是女大十八变啊 = =

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