Posted by: arkAile | June 10, 2010

Live Report for Minorin’s Budokan Live(not written by me)

作为第七个在武道馆开个人演唱会的声优,这样的一个壮举绝对是Minorin的音乐事业上的一项成就。对于这场演唱会,个人的的意见很简短–荧光棒满满(Ultra 特别多),call声满满,每个人都精力满满,Minorin也是能量满满地在唱,最后给这场演唱会打的分数当然也是满满的100%呀!能听到雪、無音、窓辺にて实在泪流满面,再来就是9首连续组曲真的很棒,可是最后没有Double Encore实在太可惜了。。。

无论如何,送上一个不是我写的Live Report。全日语,不过日语苦手的话还是可以欣赏一下里面的图。顺带一提,里面付set list。


Being the 7th Seiyuu to hold a live concert in Budoukan is definitely an achievement for Minorin’s music career. A little thought of me about this live concert- – Full of lightsticks(especially Ultra Brights), Full of concert calls, everyone is full of energy, and so is Minorin. Last but not least, I would definitely give this live 100% full for it’s wonderful setlist. Yuki, Muon, Madobe nite is one of the songs that touched me most, 9 songs medley is also AWESOME, but the absence of a double encore is too pitiful…

Here’s a LINK to a live report not written by me. All in Japanese but if you don’t know Japanese, you can still look at the pictures. Also, it comes with a set list.

That’s all.



  1. So far my concert live records stay as 1 for now. And I would say, Being at the live concert is good though my seat is not that great but I am glad to be given a chance to go and watch a live concert and it is Minorin’s.

    Unexpectedly I did the call naturally and also called out for another friend of mine who couldn’t be there. Great concert. 🙂

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