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Of Kalafina’s Red Moon Live@Yokohama Blitz

上周六,Kalafina为配合梶浦由紀三周年纪念Live Tour,在横滨Blitz开了这次Tour的其中一场Live。下面简短说一下观后感。

In conjunction with Yuki Kaijura’s 3rd Anniversary Live Tour, Kalafina had their live in Yokohama Blitz on last Saturday. A little thoughts after the live below~


First thing that came into my mind after going into the hall is, there’s so many ladies inside!! There’s also a “Ladies only Area” situated somewhere in the hall, guess it’s for the convinient of all female audiences. Also, use of lightsticks are prohibited throughout the live performance. Without lightsticks, the atmosphere for the live is just as awesome!

1. Red moon
Red Moon 虽然不是作为开场最好的一首歌曲,但是好听就行了 =D
Red Moon might not be the perfect song to start the concert, but it’s OK since it’s a nice song =D

2. テトテトメトメ
I never liked this song so much until I heard it live! KEIKO really made this song sounds awesome!

3. Fantasia
Red Moon专辑里个人比较喜欢的几首歌之一。HIKARU演唱Chorus的部分是我最喜欢的部分了,就因为这首歌,到了现在我都为HIKARU的歌声而着迷。。。。
One of my favourites in Red Moon Album. Chorus sang by HIKARU is my favourite part of the song, in because of this song, I’m totally mesmerized by HIKARU’s singing till now…

在这里进行了一点Free Talk。HIKARU说到了自己很喜欢吃煎蛋(卵焼き),整个谈话的气氛都很轻松,看得出HIKARU可爱的地方。WAKANA说自己以前是个Shy Girl,还是个Very Shy Girl,KEIKO和HIKARU那种不相信并吐槽的表现实在是很经典。
Kalafina had a little free talk session here. HIKARU said that she love eating fried egg(tamagoyaki), the ambience was relaxing and the way HIKARU talks really shows how cute she is. WAKANA said she was a shy girl, a very shy girl when she was young. The epic part was the expression on HIKARU and KEIKO face, KEIKO really did a great job as a tsukomi character.

4. Sapphire
Audio was too loud before this song, which made everyone suffered a little. After little adjustments, this ballad was performed wonderfully. The chorus part was as good as perfect!

5. 星の謡
The members describe themselves as different roles when they are singing this song. KEIKO was like a narrator, HIKARU was the samurai while WAKANA was the wife waiting for the samurai to come back home. Interesting and funny, isn’t?

6. 闇の唄
I don’t know why but this picture came into my mind. KEIKO is like a evil queen, WAKANA looked like a princess trying to save everyone and HIKARU is the peasent living in the village…. This is just pure imagination…


7. 夏の林檎
A beautiful song beautifully performed.

8. Fairytale
It feels  like I’ve went into a different world….

这次的舞蹈很好看,远远比Music Japan那次好很多。演唱的部分实在是没有什么好挑剔的。
The dance was great, way more better than that time on Music Japan. Singing part has got no problem at all.

10. Progressive
Strongly experienced the power of Kalafina singing songs of faster tempo. No matter ballad or songs like this, Kalafina has got a powerful voice for live performance.

-Costume change-

11. 春は黄金の夢の中
The first song that made me very touched through out the whole live performance. Singing voice + Live band + Awesome lightings has brought this song to a higher level of enjoyment.

12. Storia
The song I want to listen to most for this live. I’m grateful that I”m not disappointed by the performance.

13. Intermezzo
If Fairytale sounded as if one has gone to a different world, this song would have bring audiences to another world.

14. Lacrimosa
Ths start of the 4 powerful songs combo. A very enjoyable song to be listened live.

The audiences seems to have awaken suddenly. Although no lightsticks can be used, everyone still waved their hand along with the tempo, awesome atmosphere!

16. Kyrie
Listening to this song live has given me a very wonderful feeling…

17. 音楽
The song that brought the whole live to it’s climax, everyone was very high I must say…
This marks the 7th song sang in a row, but everyone doesn’t seems to be tired of it.

18. 光の旋律
Listening to the recorded version of this song is impressive enough, the Live version of it impressed me even more.HIKARU’s solo was full of emotion, WAKANA and KEIKO’s duet is probably the best I’ve ever heard. I never thought I have the chance of listening to this song live in my entire life.


19. Love come down
The perfect song to bring the atmosphere of the live to the climax once again!

20. Sprinter
I’ve always liked this song, it’s wonderful to be able to listen to this live.

21. I have a dream
Just the kind of touching song needed at the end of the live!

In short, Kalafina’s live performance skills are near to perfect and so is the live band. Do watch it if you have the chance!

アンコール come down
21.I have a dream


  1. Feels very much like a Perfume live. But much less randomness.

    Nevertheless, would love to listen to them at a smaller venue. Didn’t have the chance to listen to Hikaru sing live!

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