Posted by: chris1809 | May 11, 2010

夏季Bushiroad战略发表会报告!/ Summer Bushiroad New Title Announcement!


New Titles Announced by Bushiroad on The Day. And it brings lots of surprises!

Victory Spark:
「迷い猫オーバーラン!」(Mayoi Neko Overrun!)
・7/3发售……Trial Deck
・Comic Market 78……Supply Set 「迷い猫オーバーラン!」
・8/21发售……Booster Pack

■「Y’s VS. 空の軌跡」(Y’s VS. Sora no Kiseki) (Falcom)
・9/11(土)同时发售(on sales together)…Trial Deck & Booster

生徒会的一存发售日确定(Confirmed date of release for Seitokai no Ichizon)! 25/9
笨蛋召唤兽发售日确定(Confirmed Date of release for Baka Test)! 21/8 Trial Deck, 28/8 Booster
新加入主题!(New Title!)
Visual Arts (AIR, CLANNAD), Age (MuvLuv)

公布了3个新主题,其中一个是extra pack。
WS Announced 3 new titles, one of it is Extra Pack.
EVA The Movie 1st(冬季 Winter)
侦探Opera Milky Holmes(秋季~冬季发售 Autumn~ Winter)
DC/DCII PC Extra Pack (夏季,新卡+旧卡再印 Summer, New Cards + some old cards reprint)

!!惊喜情报 Surprise~News!!
动画版Black Rock Shooter参战WS和CHAos Online!
Anime Ver. Black Rock Shooter Had Joined WS and CHAos Online!

WS – 2010年冬季参战决定!(2010 Winter)
CHAos Online – 2010年夏季参战决定! (2010 Summer)

So, what do you think about these new titles!? I hope you enjoy the surprises!



  1. I am have resistnace to all, But wouldn’t mind considering about the Victory spark’s 😛 VS for the Win !!! Yeah !

    Other than that, I guess 侦探Opera Milky Holmes would look interesting. 😛

    • yeah xD. I think i have to jump into milky holmes for some reasons, dun ask me why. D=

      • I think I know why. 😛

        I might just jump in too…. but my main focus will still be on VS. 😛 I like the game play of VS. Mayoi neko .. hmm…. Tempting. 😛

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