Posted by: arkAile | May 1, 2010

Little report of 1st leg of Minorin’s Sing All Love Tour


Due to technical problems, I delayed my time posting this. It’s not written by me, it was a report by some proffesional reporter and it’s quite in details. Click HERE to see the report.

上面没有Set List,所以这里顺便补上第一场的Set List。

No set list featured in the report, but there is one after the jump =D

请注意这是Sing All Love Tour 第一场的Set List,地点在埼玉・三郷市文化会館。
Please note that this is the set list for 1st leg of Sing All Love Tour at Saitama Misato Town Bungaku Kaikan.

01 Final Moratorium
02 Paradise Lost <—-Wonderful combo with Final Moratorium
03 Flame

-MC- ☆次の曲頭で衣装チェンジ

04 Falling heaven’s now
05 Love Medicine*
06 tea for two


07 優しい忘却
08 純白サンクチュアリィ <— Awesome arrangement right after 優しい忘却

-退出&バンド演奏- ☆衣装チェンジ

09 孤独の結晶
10 雨音のベール
11 サクラピアス

-MC- ☆次の曲頭で衣装チェンジ

13 Lush march!!


14 mezzo forte→FUTURE STAR→輪舞-revolution <—Interesting medley

-退出&バンド演奏- ☆衣装チェンジ

15 animand~agitato


16 君がくれたあの日
17 書きかけのDestiny
18 愛とナイフ
19 覚醒フィラメント


20 Perfect energy

アンコールへ ☆衣装→ライブTシャツ(黒)へ


E1 Tomorrow’s chance
E2 雨上がりの花よ咲け


E3 sing for you <—-The essences of the essences of the live



  1. Good as a reference for me should I am going for this 🙂 So it has started…. 🙂

    Need to start to train on this already… 😮

    • Yah, start training now!

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