Posted by: arkAile | April 10, 2010

Aki-chan’s 2nd Single to be released on 26th May

进入正题,豊崎愛生将在5月26日推出她的第二张单曲 (拍手拍手!
老实说Love Your Life 真的很不错,第二张单曲实在令人期待!
目前还没有太多消息,有空可以去看看官网 => 这里

Oh wait! Did I put a wrong photo of Aki? Guess it really is Aki-chan. I must say the new look for her in Realove:Realife really makes her look VERY Different.
Now the main point of the story, Toyosaki Aki will be releasing her 2nd album on 26th May. (Pachi pachi!
Love Your Life had been very nicely done and I’m looking forward to her new single.
Aki fans out there remember to grab yours then.
Not much updates about it yet, but you can visit the official website for more info => HERE
That’s all this time!



  1. OK great, I am gonna make a group ordering ASAP for this. Anyone interested pls leave a message~!!

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