Posted by: chris1809 | April 2, 2010

A place to play & buy Weiss Schwarz in Johor Bahru/ 在新山也有地方可以玩和购买WS哦~

最近在新山找到了一个地方可以玩WS呢。 有兴趣的玩家们可以继续读下去。新山地区的玩家也绝对不可以放过啊!
I had found a place that selling Weiss Schwarz in JB! If you are interested, or you wanted to play there, please continue the reading.

这家店铺的名字是DNA, 是一间经营多年的店铺了。 地点就位于stulang laut, 宽柔中学附近,很靠近ZON。
The shop name is called DNA. They had been running business for a long time, roughly 10 over years. The location is Stulang Laut, somewhere very close to the ZON, and The infamous Foon Yew Highschool.

Address/ 地址:
DNA Trading
K3-206, Tingkat 2, Blok K3, Taman Stulang Laut,
80300 Johor Bahru, Johor.
Tel./ 联络电话: 07-226 2600

here’s some photo of the shop:

looking from far….

lets get closer…

店铺的门口, 很酷(?)哦
the entrance of the shop.

the rack of WS goods. neat.

All the boosters…..

deck box, deck case, card sleeve,应有尽有。等等。。。还有extra pack@@!?
deck box, deck case, card sleeves… and… wow extra pack!?

宽敞的玩卡空间,桌子椅子绝对足够~ 办比赛要围观也绝对不是问题啊~
the spaces of playing cards. wide right?

除了WS,他们还有卖些别的,例如游戏王,还有online game的点数卡之类的。 有兴趣的朋友们就来看一看吧~

Here, they do teach new players to play WS. so if you are interested, please visit here!
Places to play TCG in JB is not much, and here’s the very first choice! its not far from city, and the spaces & atmosphere is good.
Please visit here if you are interested in playing, learning WS in JB.



  1. I should include this shop in the list of places I intend to visit the next time I am in JB. Looks like a great place!

    • Yes, please come and pay a visit whenever you have time. Its really a great place to play card games here.

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