Posted by: arkAile | April 1, 2010


来自arkAile 的一个小通知。

A little notice from arkAile

在慎重的考虑及反复思索,加上受Formula到Academy都未缺席过,人称师傅的Inakiken的启发后,再加上稍微做了一些功课和准备之后,arkAile我决定4月9日至19日期间独自到某个东方的国度寻找自己的灵魂去。其中前半的旅程会在埼玉县四处观光,顺便到鹫宫神社还愿,而后半的旅程将会在东京地区观光,也顺便一了自己去了两次东京都还没有看到东京铁塔的遗憾。当然也不忘了Sphere Shop Tri也刚好在这期间进行。如果觉得我的行程和 Sing All Love TourSphere’s ring live Tour 的行程很接近的话,请当作巧合处理或者无视。


After much consideration and planning, and after inspired and enlighten by the great Shifu — Inakiken who never missed Nana’s Live Concert since Formula till now, arkAile has decided to go on a solo trip to a beautiful country in East Asia from 9th till 19th April, in search for my soul. First half of my trip will be in Saitama while the later half will be in Tokyo area. This trip allows me to go Washinomiya Shrine to thanks Kami-sama in person for granting my wish which I made last year and also fulfilling my wish to go Tokyo Tower, which I failed to go for my two previous trip to Tokyo. Sphere Shop Tri happens to be at the period of time too!  If you find my trip’s plan perfectly collides with Sing All Love Tour and Sphere’s ring live Tour, please note that it’s mere coincidence and ignore it.

If you wish to find me during that period of time, please give me an e-mail. Due to some personal reasons, I will not be helping anybody to buy anything this time, please forgive me. By the way, if you happen to know any interesting events that is going on between 11th till 17th April in Saitama or Tokyo area, please let me know. Thanks!


All above is fake and is a joke for April Fools, please don’t take it seriously.



  1. pachi pachi

  2. 玩得開心點!! XD

  3. Help me buy Key Live goods!

  4. 我也被骗了,这个理由怎么看都觉得是你心理已经有打算去的说的感觉–
    结果到最后原来是april fool的遗产==

  5. lol wth! u bluffed the gods. orh hor..

  6. see lah make them so excited u going to visit them then now they angry D:

    • Isn’t April Fool suppose to be like that? =D

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