Posted by: arkAile | March 30, 2010

Sing All Love Tour Live Goods

嘛。。。虽然是一场去不了,也没有办法买到Live Goods 的演唱会,可是看到Live Goods 的东西还是忍不住写了一下~

Well, it’s a live that I can’t make it, not even finding someone to help me buy the live goods, but I guess no harm sharing the info.
The LINK to the official website.



  1. Huh??? Not getting any goods?? o_O

    My wishlist is the photobook and the cards. Purple shirt looks nice… only on girls or metrosexuals. XD;

    Low priority ones for me would be quite a lot; towel, flag, lightsticks, ticket holder, shopping bag (>_>).

    Hmm… That’s about it.

    • Flag seems to be a must get item to me, along with the T-shirt, lightstick, towel, photobook and lightsticks pouch.

      Necklace is too expensive for me, but if I had enough money i would get ALL!

  2. Oh, handphone strap. Not sure what’s this ‘tour rack’ is. lolol. The silver necklace is to leech money off otakus in the event she ever wears it during the live.

  3. 也不是絕不可能的, 有m.s.s.補購嗎…

    • 我现在还没有拿到m.s.s.的会员卡呀。。。

  4. oh there is one on 22/5 clash with ksl live can ask if any body going free or not?

    • 22/5 is at Fukuoka…..

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