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凉宫春日的消失/ The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi

Saying hi to everyone, since it has been quite a long time after I wrote the last blog post. This time I am going to share with you some of my thoughts after watching The movie <The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi>. Before that I am going to talk about some personal issue, if you are not interested feel free to skip the next two paragraph. Specially for those people who doesn’t really like Haruhi’s series, i will seriously suggest you to read through this article, and hopefully you will give this series one more chance.

我现在因为某个特殊原因而受到了某日本公司的邀请到了日本参加旅行团,再跟着大队走了两天之后,我在北海道逛遍了许多的名牌店,像Coach, Timberland, Adidas, Hush puppies等,还差点跟着大队一起买下名牌商品。每天晚上都是火锅啤酒的,差点没让我忘了自己是个宅男的事实XD
Due to some special reason, I was invited by a japan company for a Hokkaido visiting trip. After two days trip, we kept going to some branded shop like Coach, Timberland, Adidas, Hush puppies, etc, even worse, I even thought of buying some branded product because of the atmosphere. Well, I guess living together with “NORMAL” people almost make me forget that I am an Otaku level Anine fan.

最后在自己的动漫魂驱使下,我决定在北海道的United cinema看的凉宫春日的消失
可是天不从人愿,原本以为晚餐吃到7.30分应该就可以跑路的,可是该公司的执行总裁(Managing director)突然出现,结果不但没办法跑路,还把整个晚餐的时间弄迟了接近1个小时,结果冲完凉之后,我发现最后一场是11.15分,而我明天就离开札幌了。开始的时候我还担心刚刚喝了”一些”啤酒还有清酒的我会不会睡着,不过似乎没有这类型的事情发生……(虽然我周围睡着的人是有的)
In order to prevent it from getting worse, I decided to watch The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi in a nearby Cinema call “United Cinema”. As what I plan, I should be able to leave the dining place at 7.30pm but somehow the Managing director came to join us in surprise and the dinner time have been longer than I expected. After I bath and get prepared, I found out that the only one left is in 11.15pm, and tomorrow I will be leaving Sapporo. Although I did afraid that alcohol will affect me, it seems that it doesn’t happen.

My movie ticket

That evil hand is not mine.

I feel I shouldn’t buy it here…XD

I have to say something before I start giving any comments. I am one of those guys out there who are unhappy with the “Endless 8”. Even so, I still give Kyoani a chance and I am glad I didn’t give up this series.

The story of it is almost the same as novel other than the ending.
Even so, the movie is still wonderful.
I feel like I saw Yui from K-on walking by as a passer-by…..XD

The music part is great, it perfectly show us how desperated Kyon are, and there are also a few scene resembles EVA.
There is also show us their relationship in a clear way, and we can know that Koizumi likes Haruhi ; Nagato and Asahina likes Kyon; and Haruhi and Kyon like each other.


I believe that no matter which character you like in this series, it is quite a pleasure to see “Kyon” the chosen one  to be so desperate….XD
For example, when Kyon want Asahina to show him her chest, and he did something which really looks like he is assulting Nagato in Bun-Ge-bu(the SOS’ room). The reaction from both of them are awesome and I am really impressed.
For even more, there are few part which are very heart warming and touching, but I guess i better keep it as a secret first, and whoever interested do feel free to find me on MSN or email.

優しい忘却 这首歌非常完美的表达了整个电影当中的长门的心境.

The most important thing after all ~~~ Nagato Yuki is BEYOND GODLIKE~~~~
Although the shy Nagato also looks good, but in the final scene, you can see the true Nagato with warm looking (at least i feel so). The feeling is absolutely great, expect that kyon is calling her name instead of surname make me feel he is on his way to become SD’s Makoto.
Something I really like to mention is about the Ending theme – 優しい忘却
It is a good song, but I can only feel it’s true power after I watched the movie.
Last time, when I heard arkAile told us that he felt like crying only listening to this song, and I didn’t really agree, but now I admit that I am wrong, and I really cried out in Cinema. ( I also have to admit arkAile is a great Minorin’s fan )
The song expressed Yuki’s true feeling very successfully, and Minorin did a great job of expressing the feeling of this song seriously. Someone who are lonely have forgot that she is lonely and don’t even know that she feel lonely. Great job.

结论: KyoAni干得好, 这次我算是认同你,可是你再给我来多几个无尽的8月,我可受不了. 不得不提的是在看完电影之后,离开建筑物时,天上正下着雪.我尝试学着阿虚站在那里让雪停在身上, 内心的感动维持了接近3分钟,最后就因被迫坐计程车回酒店所破坏了.
Conclusion: Good job for KyoAni, I am impressed this time, but I am not going to tolerate any thing like the Endless 8 anymore…XD
When I am leaving the building, I found out that it was snowing and I try to pretend myself as Kyon, but it only took 3 minutes for me to give out because of the cool weather and the fact that i have to take cab to hotel….XD

附带:我买多了一本电影的刊物(phamplet),可能放做这个月的新山区Weib Schwarz的Memorial cup的报销奖品,有兴趣的人也可以私下询问我详情.
PS: I have bought 1 more phamplet, and I might give it as a climax prize for JB’s side Weib Schwarz memorial cup. For anyone who are interested and leave a message below as well.

Thank for you reading it through, and I guess the next time we meet will be after Live academy.



  1. “附带:我买多了一本电影的刊物(phamplet),可能放做这个月的新山区Weib Schwarz的Memorial cup的报销奖品,有兴趣的人也可以私下询问我详情.”


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