Posted by: arkAile | February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Hanazawa Kana~~

现在是2月25日的早晨。随着今天的到来,个人蛮喜欢的声优 — 花澤香菜小姐也不如了21岁了!(拍手拍手
香菜ちゃん所配过的角色中最喜欢最难忘的还是忏悔妹妹了,很喜欢那个”唱歌很难听,可是很可爱的部分“。不过说到香菜ちゃん的伟大事迹还是要算<恋愛サーキュレーション> 最夸张了吧~  嗯,无论如何,这篇简短的post就写到这里~ 以上!

It’s a fine morning of 25th February. As this day arrives, one of my favourite seiyuu — Hanazawa Kana has turned 21. (Pachi Pachi~~
Of many characters that Kana-chan has dubbed, Zange-chan is still my favourite, especially the part where “her singing sucks but it’s damn cute“. However, the best thing she ever did is still <Renai Circulation> that killed of many ppl…haha. Anyway, this ends this short post of the day~


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