Posted by: arkAile | February 24, 2010

Picture of the day: Hocchan jyanai yo

Ok, I know I’m bored….

不知道谁是ユイエル的话,请去看一下Animelo 08吧~ 话说Animelo 09的DVD和BD今天出了,好想买可是没钱呀~ 哪位仁兄可以借我看看一下啊。。。好想看 ユイエル Hocchan 和Minorin 合唱的Happy Material啊。。。。。。

If you don’t know who ユイエル is, please go watch Animelo 08. Anyways, Animelo 09 DVD and BD is released today, I really wished I have budget for it…. Pray hard for any kind soul to lend it to me, I’ll be really grateful…. I wanna watch the Happy Material duet of ユイエル Hocchan and Minorin…Orz


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