Posted by: arkAile | February 19, 2010

Sing All Love: It’s LOVE!

<Sing All Love> 发售至今已经有两天了。至今在Oricon 每日专辑销量排名最高名次是2月16日的第4位!(拍手拍手~
arkAile这两天都在不停loop 专辑里的歌,下面是一些些感想~ 顺带一提,上面这张图是<Sing All Love> 三种版本里面arkAile最喜欢的封面,是附DVD的初回限定版的封面~

It’s been 2 days since <Sing All Love> is officially released. Highest ranking on Oricon’s Daily Album sales ranking is number 4 on 16th February( Pachi pachi~
arkAile has been looping this album again and again over these 2 days and now shall share some of my thoughts ’bout it here. By the way, the picture above is my favourite cover out of the 3 versions of <Sing All Love>, it comes from the DVD  first press version.

  1. 覚醒フィラメント


    Sounds like a good song for concert, the keyboard sound behind brings me a little bit of Techno feel. The song name itself is quite special, has got the feeling like everyone will be awaken after listening this song…

  2. Final Moratorium

    总而言之就觉得这首歌是一首神曲。继Paradise Lost之后另一首个人很喜欢的Minorin的快歌。整首歌的节奏个人非常喜欢,看了PV之后更是加分。

    In short, this song is EPIC!! It’s another one of my favourite fast song I like after Paradise Lost. The song itself is awesome in many ways and watching the PV together makes it even more AWESOME!!!!

  3. Tomorrow’s chance


    A song from a single with the same name. It sounded quite normal to me in the past, but I totally changed view ’bout it after listening to the live version for a few times. The song is quite lively itself and the lyrics are quite meaningful.

  4. 書きかけのDestiny


    I like the way it changes tempo, slow and fast sometimes. It sounded a little cute and at the same time a very high song, seriously wanna listen to the live version of this song.

  5. 孤独の結晶


    Feels abit weird about this song, it reminds me of animand~agitato, and further, it reminds me of BGM from Rockman series….orz

  6. Love Medicine*

    嗯,如歌词一样Love is a medicine,听了之后很舒服的一首歌,又被治愈的感觉呢~

    As the lyrics says, love is a medicine. Feels so healed after listening this song and feels quite comfortable.

  7. 雨音のベール

    超喜欢一开始的钢琴独奏。是<Sing All Love> 里面比较喜欢的其中一首歌。

    I like the piano solo at the prelude very much. It’s also one of my favourite songs from <Sing All Love>.

  8. tea for two

    听了感觉很温馨,顺便想象自己在跟Minorin 一起喝下午茶的话应该会超温暖吧~

    Feels quite sweet and comfortable. Maybe imagining having hi-tea with Minorin will make it sounds even better?



    This song is a song that I personally think is hard to get tired of and as you keep listening you will feel better and better bout this song. It takes one to understand the meaning behind this song to be really touched by it.

  10. サクラピアス


    The background music has got a bit of Spanish feel, but the song itself don’t. Nice song anyway.

  11. Falling heaven’s now


    Liked the liveliness of this song. Seriously don’t get what the song name is trying to say….

  12. Flame


    It must be great to listen to listen to live version of this song. Really makes people a bit on fire~

  13. Perfect energy

    就像歌名一样,是一首很Perfect 能够让人有Energy 的歌!

    As the name of the song, it’s the Perfect song to give the listener Energy.

  14. sing for you

    Minorin 第一次为专辑歌曲写词。作为整个专辑少数的慢歌,曲自然是很棒的。歌词方面,就感觉很甜很温馨很纯朴,就像小女孩很纯真的告白一样。。。

    It’s the first time Minorin write lyric for a song in her album. The melody itself is great and it’s the few slow songs included in this album. As for the lyrics, it’s sweet and warm and simple, just like a confession from a small little girl….

总体来讲,这一张专辑的确像是Minorin的音乐制作人斉藤P说的那样,是Minorin至今最强的一张专辑。每一首歌都很有爆发力,很有特色,个人都很喜欢里面的每一首歌。如果要选三首最喜欢的应该就是Final Moratorium, Sing For You 和 Flame了。这是我的想法,你的呢?

In short, this album is just like what Minorin’s Music Producer Saitou P said, it’s her best album so far. Every single song have it’s own colours and charm. Final Moratorium, Sing For You and Flame is the 3 songs I love most, how bout yours?



  1. 比较钟意的有

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