Posted by: arkAile | February 10, 2010

Picture of the day: Princess Haruka

如题,这期的<声優アニメヂィア> 的封面是公主装的戸松遥。这样的戸松遥真的很有气质,很漂亮。再看看内容,竟然有茅原実里/寿 美菜子这样的组合的访问,然后还有<Sing All Love> 的册子。看来这期<声優アニメヂィア> 是拿定了。以上!

Cover for this month’s <Seiyuu Animedia> is Princess Haruka, erm, Tomatsu Haruka I meant. Tomatsu Haruka in this dress sure looks very elegant and beautiful. Looking at the contents, it’s the awesome combination of Minorin and Minako’s interview, also booklet for <Sing All Love>. Looks like it’s a must get item for this month. arkAile signing off~



  1. Minorin 這兩個月在聲優雜誌的曝光率奇高, 都不知怎樣買才好… 那個[Sing All Love] Book不知是什麼?

    • 应该是详细介绍 专辑的册子吧~ 其实我以为这个月封面都会是Minorin的呀。。。


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