Posted by: arkAile | February 3, 2010

3 news for Minorin Fans

如题,接下来说一下会让各位Minorin 的粉丝们高兴的事情。下面继续~

As the title says, here’s some news that will make Minorin’s fans out there happy~

好消息1/ Good news number 1:

随<Sing All Love>  初回限定版附送的DVD 或BD 影像特典的预告片现在已经可以在网上收看了。Summer Camp的现场果然很燃,很有夏天的感觉。顺带一提,根据Minorin 的部落格,有50张<Sing All Love> 的CD 上有Minorin 的亲笔签名,实在是不知道自己有没有幸能够拿到一张呀。。。

The preview for the Tokuten Video from the DVD or BD of <Sing All Love> first press is now available in the web. The video sure shows how awesome Summer Camp was, summer indeed! Also, according to Minorin’s Blog, 50 out of ALL the CDs for <Sing All Love> are signed by her. Really makes me wonder how could I get one….

好消息2/ Good news number 2:

目前还没有官方消息,不过在Amazon 上已经看到了。 <Message 03> 的发售日似乎是在4月7日!!!如果有怀疑的话请看这里。如果是4月发售的话,内容大概会包括从<Tommorow Chance> 至今的PV吧!真希望Daicon 的情况也会被收录!!

Although no official news is announced yet, it can already be seen at Amazon. Release date of <Message 03> seems to be on 7th of April. Do check it out HERE if you got any doubts~ Since it will be released on April, contents should include PV for <Tommorow Chance> till <Sing All Love> I guess… Hopefully Daicon will be included too!!

好消息3/ Good news number 3:

同上,还未有任何官方消息,可是已经可以在Amazon上面看到了。<茅原実里ストリングスアルバム> by クラスタシア 也将在4月7日发售。。。。等一下!!<茅原実里ストリングスアルバム>!!?? 弦乐专辑?? 这个到底是什么啊?经过一点点研究之后,发现クラスタシア 似乎就是经常为Minorin 做弦乐伴奏的大先生,室屋光一郎先生的弦乐团体~~ 如果收录的是旧曲弦乐化的版本的话,最让arkAile 期待的大概就是<雪、無音、窓辺にて>了!真希望官方赶快公布关于这个专辑的详情!请各位Minorin 的粉丝们也和我一样好好期待吧!有任何怀疑的话请看这里

Same as above, no official released yet, but can now be seen on Amazon. <Chihara Minori Strings Album> by Crustacea will also be released on 7th of April….. EH?? <Chihara Minori Strings Album>!!?? Strings Album?? What on earth is that? After a little bit of research, Crustacea seems to be a group of strings player including Daisensei, Mr. Muroya Kouichirou. If this album would include the strings version of Minorin’s song, <Yuki, Muon, Madobe nite> should be the one song that arkAile look forward most to. Anyway, let’s just hope that there will be official news about it coming out soon. Click HERE if you have any doubts of this unofficial news~



  1. 我曾在某地方看到Message 03是會收錄大馬之行的, 但又想不起在那看到…

    這些全是好消息, 但突然間來得太密了… 會死人的…

    另有消息稱將會有新的涼宮Live… (激奏2??)

    • 的确一次过来得太密了。。。


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