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A Visit to Bushiroad / 拜访Bushiroad

On 19 January, me and my friends pay a visit to Bushiroad, located at Higashi-Nakano. Thanks to Mr. Kurokawa, Vice President of Bushiroad, & Ms. Kuroda, International Affair of Bushiroad, had given me such an opportunity to visit the office, Thank you! It’s a great experience.

在1月19日, 我和我的朋友到Bushiroad本公司拜访。 位置是在东中野。 谢谢黑川先生, Bushiroad的副社长, &黑田小姐, Bushiroad的国际事务处理的邀请, 我才有这么棒的一次机会拜访, 谢谢!

Bushiroad, the biggest Trading Card Game Company in Japan, well-known by their TCG, Weiss Schwarz (WS), ChaOS, Alice Cross, Victory Spark, Sunday vs. Magazine, etc.

Bushiroad是日本最大的卡片游戏公司, 旗下拥有着好几种卡牌游戏, 以Weiss Schwarz(WS), ChaOS, Alice Cross, Victory Spark, Sunday vs. Magazine最为出名。

In the morning, we headed to the location. It tooks around 35 minutes from our hotel location – Asakusabashi. As the office is not close to the station, we need to walk there. Actually, we are lost during the walk to there. And somehow, we just reach there in 10 minutes time, LOL.

这天的早上, 我们就出发到bushiroad的公司的位置。 从我们的酒店出发, 大概需要35分钟的电车才到得了东中野。 由于公司位置并不会离车站很靠近, 所以需要走一段距离才会到达。 半路上其实我们迷路了, 可是误打误撞, 我们还是在10分钟内抵达了目的地 xD。

Mr. Kurokawa welcomed us warmly when we stepped into the office. The office is clean and tidy. All of the products are displayed on the rack. He was shocked that I brought so many friends to there, lol. Sorry for not informing in advance. Later on, we had lunch together. We had our lunch at Denny’s. Nice food. The weather is 17 degree, which is quite hot during winter.

黑川先生很热情的欢迎我们。 公司的布置简单, 干净, 整齐。 大部分的产品也都有摆在展示柜上。 由于之前忘了先和黑川先生说我会带那么多人来, 实在是不好意思啊~。由于接近午餐时间了, 所以我们到附近的Denny’s享受午餐。 今天的天气很热呢, 17度。 基本上都不需要穿外套都不会冷。

This is the office. Everyone is Hardworking.
这就是公司内部啦~ 大家都好勤劳呢!

After lunch, we return to the office and continue our visit. Mr. Kurokawa & Ms. Kuroda brought us to the Hibiki Radio Station, their radio program location. I saw The Mash & Kita Izumi again, hehe. It has been a while to meet with them. They are doing recording at the moment, so we better don’t disturb them.

午餐后, 我们就回到了公司内。 首先呢, 黑川先生&黑田小姐带我们到Hibiki Radio Station去看看。 这个radio station就是他们录制电台节目的地方。 在这里, 我又碰到了The Mash还有橘田Izumi。 不过由于他们都在录音, 所以我也不干扰啦~

The recording Studio. Looks cool!
这就是他们的录音室啦~ 很棒吧?

After the visit to Hibiki Station, we returned to the office and continue our conversation. We chatted a lot, and it is very happy to have chat with them.

之后, 我们回到了Bushiroad公司内继续讨论之前的话题。 我们谈了不少, 而且我们也谈得很开心。

It’s about 2pm. We ended our conversation. Their passion impressed us again. Thanks for the gift!
不知不觉, 谈着谈着, 就下午两点了。 会话结束, 我们也被他们的热情感动到了。 谢谢你们的礼物!

Mr.Kurokawa, me, and Ms. Kuroda.
黑川先生, 我, 还有Ms. Kuroda的合照。

The gang and Mr. Shimamura, The Producer of WS.
我们和岛村先生的合照。 岛村先生是WS的制作人。

After Bushiroad, we are not going to miss this opportunity to pay a visit to Nakano Broadway. Its one of the three otaku-seichi. And yes, we did found a lot of nice stuffs here.

之后呢, 我们就前往圣地之一的中野Broadway参观走走。 果然是圣地呢~ 这里发现了不少好东西, 呵呵呵。

A shot of Nakano Shoten gai.

Well, a day to Bushiroad & Nakano ends here. This is Chris, Signing off.


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