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Thoughts after watching Nanoha the Movie 1st/ 奈叶电影版观后感

本想先把yukarin love live 2009~2010 Princess A La Mode的感想文先写出来, 不过似乎太长, 而且必须花点时间, 所以还是决定先把电影版奈叶的观后感先写出来好了。 本篇尽量不剧透, 有兴趣的请继续往下看~

Originally, planned to finish the writing about Tamura Yukarin Love Live 2009~2010 Princess A La Mode first, but it is too lengthy to let me finish it in a short time, so i decided to put this, Thoughts after i watched Nanoha the Movie 1st twice. I’ll try to make it spoiler free. If you are interested, please continue your reading.

故事基本上是电视版本的浓缩版本, 不过同时加入了drama CD的内容, 所以其实是把电视版不足的故事部分给补足了。 例如在电视版本没交代清楚的普雷西亚的过去, 巴尔迪修怎么来, 为什么菲特的战斗力如此强大, 还有为什么会被打进奈叶的后宫等等。部分电视版的故事被修改&跳过了, 不过重要的东西都交代的很清楚。 本电影是完全的新制作, 绝对不是拿电视版的来浑水摸鱼啊!

Story Structure:
Basically, its a concentrated version of TV version, yet added in some Drama CD’s story, which makes the storyline much clearer of the TV Series. For example, Presia’s Past, Where Baldiche comes from, why Fate’s battlepower is so incredible, and how she become Harem of Nanoha. Portions of TV storylines are changed or removed, but critic storyline is told clearly. This movie is a brand new making, it is not a summary of TV version.

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Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Nanoha, Fate, Hentai animal, Hentai Brother, Hentai mummy, tsundere classmate, cat, wolf etc…. xD

ok 这个是重点了。。。乐器版本的innocent starter & little wish~lyrical step~都作为BGM起了很大的作用呢! 让人怀念电视版, 同时又灌输了全新的感觉。 个人觉得两曲都非常感人, 感觉也很到。 故事的结尾, 即菲特和奈叶的分离(?)时播出了公主的My Wish My Love, 而在credits时则播放了主题曲- 菲特水树奈奈的Phantom Mind. 其实听着my wish my love和phantom mind的时候我好想把背包里头的荧光棒拿出来call啊。。。。

ok here’s the critic one… Instrumental version of Innocent Starter & Little Wish~ Lyrical Step~ was played as BGM during the movie. It makes me think of the TV series, yet gives another new feeling about the movie. At the end of movie, the separation(?) of Nanoha & Fate, the Ending Theme Song was played– Yukari Hime’s My Wish My Love. During the credit roll, Phantom Mind by Fate Nana was played. Actually, i wanted to take lightsticks out from my back and Call for both songs…

观看了两次电影版过后, 得到的结论是: 不管看多少次, 都是那么的感动。。。特别是菲特被比StrikerS里Vivio被5X SLB更夸张的SLB轰炸后还存活着的时候。由于不剧透, 所以我也不说是哪一部分让我哭不停啦~ 至于没得看的人, 就乖乖等BD/DVD吧~

顺便提一下, 这次挺特别的, 还有物贩啊! 看电影还要排队买物贩。。。 我自己也买了一本Pamphlet 和一件T-Shirt。 至于其他几位同行的买了什么我就不提了。。。 反正很夸张就是了。。。

另外, 还有个特典, 那就是观看多几次可以让你换取一些特别纪念品。 观看一次, 是一个手机的待机画面; 观看两次, 会给你一个Special Thanks Card; 而观看三次则会给你母带的一部分,大概四个frame。

Sum Up:
After watching twice, I feel that, it is touching no matter how many times you watch it… especially the part Fate was blasted with SLB, which is much exaggerate than StrikerS version of 5X SLB. Since i am trying to be spoiler-free, i better don’t mention which part makes me cry nonstop… So, those who can’t watch it in cinema, just wait for the BD/DVD~

Oh ya, before i forget, there’s a live goods corner selling goods during the movie. I myself bought a T-shirt, and a pamphlet. The other hardcore Nanoha fans had bought more, or should i said, almost everything that is selling there….

There is a special campaign, where you watch multiple times of the movie, they will give you some special gifts. If you watch once, you can get a Handphone Wallpaper. If you watch twice, you will get a Special Thanks Card. If you watch trice, you will get a firm cut, about four frames, from the original tape of the movie.

这个是我看了两次换取的Special Thanks Card.
This is the Special Thanks Card i get.

本篇就写到这里, 接下来还要写其他的了~
This is Chris, signing off.


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