Posted by: arkAile | January 28, 2010


生活过得再忙,也不能忘了休息,放松。在这忙碌的日子里,能够欣赏Minorin 新歌的PV 应该是人生一大享受了。以上是<涼宮ハルヒの消失> 的主题曲–<優しい忘却>的PV。
整个PV 除了很漂亮还是很漂亮。朴素打扮的Minorin 配上很唯美的街道当作背景来演唱这首歌,真的很适合。重点是这个PV 真的拍得很漂亮,制作组GJ!真希望赶快看到<涼宮ハルヒの消失> 的电影呀。。。。

No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to take a break and relax. Having able to enjoy PV for Minorin’s new song in this hectic lifestyle is definitely one of the greatest moment in life. Above is the PV for <The Disappearance of SuzumiyaHaruhi> movie’s theme song — <Yasashii Boukyaku> (Meaning “Gently forgetting”?).
The whole PV is nothing but beautiful. A very normally dressed Minorin singing this song coupling with the beautiful streets in Japan is the best combination for this song. And once again, the PV is nothing but beautiful, that’s GJ to the production team! Hope I’ll get to enjoy the movie soon….



  1. 這個外景其實是很特別的… 這是涼宮劇內的取景地點啊!! 那個學校, 那個斜坡, 那個教室!! 全都是動畫中出現的地方啊!! 害我看完PV後現在又重看涼宮中…

    • 同感,努力计划重看的时间中~

  2. Permission to fap, oh great minorin fan.

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