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K-on! Live Event 感想 / Some thoughts for K-on Live Event Part 1

首先让我申明一件事情 – 这不是一场演唱会,这是一个Live Event。
我甚至觉得K-on! Live Event 让我改变了我的人生观,也间接的会改变我的一生也说不定。

Sorry to everyone for taking so long, because no matter how many times I edit this, I still cannot express my true feeling in words.
First of all, I want to clarify something – This is not a concert, it’s a live event.
This is also the most touching event I had ever been to, and it make me realise why anime culture can be so popular in Japan.
I even feel that K-on! live have changed my way of living and thinking.

在演唱会前一天,我和arkAile 到了我某个在横滨住的朋友那里住了一晚,隔天早上还搭第一班巴士去车站。
不过到了8点钟,后面的人就多的……= =

arkAile and I went to my friend’s house which is in Yokohama and stayed for 1 night, and we managed to get the first bus to the train station.
We reach Yokohama Arena in around 7am+ , and the people in front of us should be less than 1000, which make me think our effort is worth of.
Well, Yokohama is a bit far from Tokyo, even those crazy people also won’t be able to come here so early.
However, the end of the queue is more or less out of our eyesight about 8am…..= =
Once again, I salute those people for coming in this kind of time for queuing.

Here comes photo~

会场内的照片因为工作人员绕场扰得很勤快,想要偷拍个会场内部照片都不容易 = =
我的位子是Centre 51列,换句话说我是正面对这舞台,而且很正中,
不过好远啊~~~~~~~~~~~~ 不过现场的气氛还是不错的,远一点也无所谓~

Due to the hardworking patroling staffs inside the Yokohama arena, I am sorry that I can’t take any photo of how the stage looks like.
My seat is in the centre row 51, which means the stage is straight in front of me nicely, but it is very very FAR.
OK, time to stop the crap, now let’s get to the main topic~!

1. Cagayake!GIRLS
不得不提的就是这次Live之前我本来并不特别喜欢Yui 这种软绵绵的唱腔,可是听过了现场我完完全全改观了
现场听到Yui 的歌还能够call到那么起劲说起来还挺怪的,可是在现场就是那么一回事,完全没有违合感。
太欢乐了,虽然水平可能不一定比CD高,但是现场的气氛很爽,大家一齐喊 “One shot” 和 “Here we go” 的感觉到现在都忘不了。
有一种“喜欢K-on的人还真多”的感觉,因为毕竟这是比较Fan向的活动 = =
上万个因为一样目的而出现在这里的人所call出来的感觉果然就是跟其他地方的concert 不一样…..XD

As expected, Opening as an anime event’s 1st song is sort of a standard routine, isn’t?
Before this live, I don’t really like Yui’s singing style, but after the event, I felt that it is great.
Even more, this song is just like custom made song for Yui, which suits her very well~!
During this song, we can see cute and young girls performing on the stage, even though we know it is not played by them,
we still called like crazy, well, it is a bit hard for you to imagine that a bunch of people is calling while Yui is singing, but this really happened there.
The song is very energetic and so do all the girls on the stage, the performance itself might not be as good as CDs, but the atmosphere is great, especially when everyone is shouting “One shot” and “Here we go” together.
Having more than 10 thousand fans calling together presents a different feeling as compared to other concerts. I have to admit that, even some of Nana’s songs might not have such good concert calls, as each of Nana’s fans has different favor in songs, and there will seldom be so many fans who like the same song within a concert.

After that, there is a MC session, which everyone introduce themselves.

From the next song onwards, there will be a instrument solo before the song, which is like giving us some hint about who is coming up.

2. ギー太に首ったけ
不过应该是Chris 的车坐得多了,结果听这首歌的次数其实可能还比じゃじゃ馬Way To Go还要多次 = =
不过真的好可爱啊~~~ 虽然我不知道不可以搬回家(咳嗽
要我说这还真是很有Yui 的感觉,可以说是声优本身已经有点角色上身的感觉了!

This might be one of theK-on!’s character song that I listening most when I was in Chris’s car……XD
There is something I have to say. The skirt is way too short, and she keeps jumping and turning around and this is really DANGEROUS for fans below the stage.
The song itself is great and I almost thought that Yui is coming out from the screen, but I feel that there should be more than one reason for why everyone is so high during this song.
She is so cute that I almost feel like O mo chi Ka e ri …… (cough)
Although I know that I cannot do so…….XD
Aki Toyosaki really gave the feeling that she is Yui, almost as though she has unconsciously slipped into the role.
Her performance was nearly as good as the CD version, so its not bad.

3. Heart Goes Boom!!
不过因为本来就喜欢Mio 的歌曲,这首歌自然就要求多多,只能说音乐性上还没到达我期望的标准。
没错,说到Mio 果然就是那个了吧?!!
现场真人版的MOE MOE KYUN~~~~~!!!!!!!!

I used a Ultra Blue here, but I feel that it is a bit over expected
It seems that Mio is not used to singing live in front of this many of people. I feel like she always move her lips a bit too far from the mic and making her voice too soft.
Although I could clearly tell it was Mio’s voice, the atmosphere was weird, perhaps due to Mio’s nervousness.
Well, I personally like Mio’s song very much so I have high expectation on her, so it seems that she still need some live practices.
However, this song is still awesome, and yes, she did the live Moe moe kyun~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!
The feeling of seeing it live is so great that I don’t know how to describe it!

4. Girly Storm 疾走 Stick
在此说同样的废话,这首歌很Ritsu = =
就容易遇到一个问题,现场唱的话气根本接不上 = =

Once again, I have to say, this song is very suitable for Ritsu.
However, the call of this song is a bit messy, and also this is not an easy song for live, because of its’ fast pace.
Although there is some mistake as compared to the CD version, but we can still see her effort of trying her best and push herself all the way to the limit, and everyone is still calling hard to encourage her to keep it up.
The atmosphere is still very good.

5. Dear My Keys ~鍵盤の魔法~
虽然我觉得那绝对是歌的问题,而且也不是谁的错,单纯只是觉得要表达出Mugi的感觉还蛮难的啊 = =
When I heard this song, I started to imagine what would arkAile be doing now, however, Mugi managed to use her voice to get my attention to her……
I have to say that she seems to be calmer and more stable than the previous two girls, and her dance and voice is both so cute.
The only problem is that the performance did not feel like Mugi, maybe the song just lack that X-Factor.
No one is at fault, and the song is not at fault too, maybe it is because Mugi is too hard to emulate in real life?
I feel like the song ended up very fast, maybe because I am too enjoying it.

6. じゃじゃ馬Way To Go
只能说原来Azunyan的人气比想象中要高啊, 真的是完败了,下次要准备好多些青色荧光棒才行 = =

Just for your information, I am a fan of Azunyan .
Just before this song, I heard someone behind me say “finally it is my turn” in Japanese.
He show me what does it mean by real hardcore fans by using 8 ultra green during Azu-nyan’s song, and I felt like a loser….XD
Anyway, the performance is better than my expectation, the song is cute, Azu-nyan herself is cute and also her dressing is cute, I almost went berserk after seeing her singing such a cute song.
Judging from the number of cameras during the event, everyone should wait for the DVD/Bluray. I am certain they will release it.
I am sorry that I can’t give any useful comment or opinion about this song, although those above are not useful at all as well, I guess you can just wait for the DVD, which I am quite sure that DVD will be out due to the large amount of camera in the stadium.

7. Maddy Candy
当老师出场的时候跟着一个一起cosplay(??) 的吉他手
台风得真的很稳,太帅了,突然可以了解当她去跟那个男性告白的时候那个男的应该会有自卑心理 = =

Here comes Sawa-chan sensei~!!!!!! EPICNESS~!!!!!!
Although the song sounds a bit strange in the CD, but in live, it sounds great.
Especially after seeing the Sawa-chan cosplay and scolded by her, it is damn cool.
There is also a cosplay guitarist coming out with her.
Her stage presence is really good; I suddenly realized that the guy whom Sawa-chan confessed to might actually be feeling inferior in front of Sawa-chan.
Even though it is obvious that she is spoofing DMC, the overall effect is still excellent.
Her live performance can said to be one of the best in this event, and it is totally out of expected.
It might be even better than the CD’s performance.

Call And Response
而call的顺序没记错应该是 Un, Un Un, Un Un Un, Uuuuuuuuuuun
而我们的恢复也是相对的 Tan, Tan Tan, Tan Tan Tan, Taaaaaaaaaan

After the song, there is this call and response mini game, which we are going to play with them.
Basically we have to react when they are saying their famous line in the anime for their characters.
The first one who start the game is Yui and her lyric is in the first episode, when she is imagining herself playing the castanets – Un~ tan~
She ask us to say tan~ right after she say Un~
Before we started the game, a lot of people start clapping the castanets they brought over personally making Yui feel very touched.
If I am not wrong, the sequence of call is Un, Un Un, Un Un Un, Uuuuuuuuuuun
And we response it as Tan, Tan Tan, Tan Tan Tan, Taaaaaaaaaan
Everyone did it very well, and although it is a bit embarrassing if you ask me, but everyone still overcome their embarrassment and proved their love for K-on!.


Next is Mugi~~~
At the beginning, I thought that she will be saying もうひとこえ (mouhitokoe), but she didn’t.
Her famous line turned out to be どんとこいです (dontokoidesu) , and we will be shouting the same line as her.
As for this line, you can refer to the episode 5 of K-on!, when Mio is showing them the song’s lyrics for Fuwa Fuwa Time.
Mugi said something like that, but I am pretty sure she is not talking about the song lyric.

详情看来要等DVD,不过不得不说Yui GJ~!
实际回想起来会场超过95%的男生在Nyan实在是有点恶心 = =

Oh yeah~! It is Azu-nyan turn! For sure I am going to give my best out of it.
However, Azu-nyan doesn’t have much memorable lyric other than the one she said when she is wearing cat ears, and I will say it is really strange for us to do it together with her.
Well, my guess is correct and now we have to say “Nya~~~n” together with her including the action. Although it may sounds good, it is actually quite embarrassing.
I guess most of the people share the same feeling that I have, and so the reaction from audience turned out to be quite soft.
Azu-nyan seems to be very unhappy with it and want us to retry~!
OMG, I was scolded by Azu-nyan LIVE~! I think I have no regret in my life, at least for that moment……XD
The second time of “Nya~~~n” attempt was really good, and Yui said something funny.
What I remember is that she said that there are a lot of tiger, but I saw someone else wrote that what she said is a lot of Wild cat. ( I guess I misunderstanding about that part )
No matter which one is correct, I have to say “Yui, Good Job!”
Erm…. When I am trying to imagine that there is around 10000+ of guys who are saying “Nya~~~~n” together, it seems to be a bit disgusting for me = =”””

接下来是是Ui,而经典台词是姉がお世話になってまーす (姐姐受到你们照顾了?)

The coming up is Ui, and her memorable lyric is 姉がお世話になってまーす ( One-chan ga o se wa ni na te ma su )
I thought her famous line will be “Ice cream can only be eaten after dinner”, but somehow it is not.
So after she said 姉がお世話に, then we will shout  なってまーす
After that, Yui said that “I got a lot of younger sisters now” , making everyone laughs.

我说怎么Yui变成了吐嘈星了,Mio的立场去了那里了? = =

Next one is Mio, and her memorable lyric as モウオヨメニイケナイ ( Mo u o yo me ni I ke na i )
After we said that, once again, Yui said that most of the people are guys which we can’t marry to others in the first place, so no need to worry about it.
Well, I wonder why is Yui always the one who doing the Tsukomi job….
Shouldn’t that be Mio’s job?


Next one is Nodoka, and her memorable lyric is ごめんなさい,間違えました ( I am sorry, I come to the wrong house? )
Well, I agree that is the most epic moment for Nodoka, the response is really good.
I guess most of the people are thinking of the scene that Mio is being ripped by Sawa-chan…..XD

再来就是这次的一个亮点,Sawa-chan sensei~~~~~(老师)
这个实在有够夸张,老师一脱掉眼睛马上就说 お前らが来るのを
而我们台下的反应自然也不慢,大家马上就说 待っていたあ~~~~~~~~~~

The next one is Sawa-Chan sensei, and this is very nice.
Usually, we will communicate first before we do any call and response, but this time is different.
She straight away takes off her glasses and start shouting お前らが来るのを then she point the mic to us, and we also response it by shouting 待っていたあ~~~~~~~~~~
The feeling is good and I guess everyone is very familiar with K-on in order to make that happen,

最后是Ritsu的经典台词,很意外的选择了 キャぁベぇツうめえ (包菜真好吃?)
不过要我们大家在那么”燃”的情况下用睡觉的声音说うめえ~~~~ 似乎有点困难。

The last one is Ritsu, and the memorable lyric is キャぁベぇツうめえ ( cabbage is delicious? )
For your information, it is in the episode 4 when Ritsu is sleep talking.
It is very funny when we trying to say it in a sleepy way, and some of the people shout very loudly.
So Yui suggest us to retry again in a GENKI version of it, and the feeling is much better.

The rest please wait for Part2, I am still trying my best to translate it into English.


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