Posted by: arkAile | January 14, 2010

Final Moratorium: Epic song!

来自Minorin即将发售的专辑<Sing All Love> 的其中一首歌 — <Final Moratorium> 的PV。”Moratorium” 的意思是”停止,中止”,那么歌名意思大概就是”最后一个中止”?无论如何,这首歌越听越好听,只想说,这首歌实在是太神了,继续期待<Sing All Love>的发售日。

PV of <Final Moratorium>, a song from Minorin’s soon-to-be-release album <Sing All Love>. “Moratorium” basically means “stop, end”, this means that the song name is means something like a “Final Stop”?? Anyways, it’s getting greater and greater as I listen, I can only say that this song is epic, continue to look forward to the release of <Sing All Love>



  1. Calm down calm down! XD

  2. Pre-ordered the album after listen to this song, can’t wait to get!
    Are you going to her “sing all love” live tour?

    • Guess it’s abit hard for me to go to her “Sing All Love” tour. Money and time wise~

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