Posted by: arkAile | December 22, 2009

Early greetings from Toteshinse~

可能现在真的早了一点,不过在这里toteshinse要祝各位读者圣诞节快乐,再来就是新年快乐了!为什么这么早就要放上祝贺词?因为接下来多几天toteshinse三人组都会在日本打仗旅游~ 想知道更多的话请继续读下去~~

Maybe it’s kinda early, but Toteshinse wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! If you are wondering why we have to put our greetings up so early… 3 of us will be in Japan for the following week for fighting a war travel~ Continue reading for more details~

在 arkAile 写着这篇文章的时候,inakiken 和 chris1809 大概已经从秋叶原血拼了一轮后回到酒店了,(谜之音: 不知道他们还活着没有。。。) 而arkAile 将在圣诞节那天飞到日本去收尸和他们汇合~

这次会预订参与的活动包括了Bushiroad World Grand Prix 2009,Comiket 77,轻音部Live活动茅原実里Countdown Live 2009 (这一天终于是到了TwT )。和上次同样的,旅行记事会在最快时间内补上~

顺带一提,明天就是Minorin的第七张单曲<Precious One>和Sphere的第一张专辑<A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E.> 的发售日了,希望这两个作品都能大卖!


As arkAile is writing this blogpost, inakiken and chris1809 should have return to their hotel after one round of shopping spree in Akihabara, (Mysterious voice: I wonder if they are still alive…) and arkAile will be flying to Japan on Christmas to drag their body back meet them.

The events that arkAile will be going this time (hopefully) will be Bushiroad World Grand Prix 2009, Comiket 77, K-on! Live event and Chihara Minori Countdown Live 2009 (The day has finally arrive!! TwT). As usual, all my experience in Japan will be written here ASAP~

Minorin will be releasing her 7th single <Precious One> tomorrow and on the same day, Sphere will be releasing their first album titled <A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E.>. Hope that their single and album will sell well~

That’s all this time.



  1. 祝两位代表及各位在WGP的大赛中好运,以及期待你们的旅行记事。代表们如果拿不到前四名的话别回来啊!不过依我看你们更希望不回来吧?哈哈!

  2. 哈哈, 我也會去Final & Countdown Live啊, 不知會不會在那兒見到你呢??

    • 不如约一个时间见面好了?

  3. Enjoy your trip! Merry X’mas in advance~

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