Posted by: arkAile | December 12, 2009

Picture of the day: Merlion, Singapore and Setokai no Ichizon

没有什么特别的事情,就是很随手地放了一张图。看到出自<生徒会の一存> 动画第11话里面的这一幕的时候还真的有一点意外,没想到新加坡这个国家竟然会出现在动画里面,鱼尾狮也一样。。。


Nothing special, just a very random post. Seeing this scene from Episode 11 of <Setokai no Ichizon> anime really surprises me. Never expected Singapore and Merlion to appear in anime….

Well, if you are curious about why there is such a scene, do watch the latest episode of <Setokai no Ichizon> anime~



  1. The Merlion was featured in the SRW: OG OVA, just before it was cut into half.

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