Posted by: arkAile | December 10, 2009

Precious One Full PV: Forever, you are my Precious One

等了好一段时间,Precious One的完整版PV总算是出来了啊~ 这里简短地说一下自己对Precious One 的感想吧~

After quite some time of waiting, the full version of Precious One PV is finally out!! Here is some of my comments regarding Precious One.

单听歌曲的话,觉得Precious One是一首良曲。虽然整个感觉很不错,可是就是感觉少了一种震撼力,就是所谓的Impact呀!Precious One的曲听起来没有什么起伏,就算到了Chorus的时候还是没有太大的震撼;词方面倒是很不错,个人还蛮喜欢 “例えばまたあの日が来たあって、きっと同じ答えを選ぶて”(如果那一天再一次到来,一定会选择同一个答案) (不知道有没有写错) 这句词所表达的感觉。再来就是PV方面,用黑白画面和彩色画面来表达出不一样的感觉的手法真的很棒!可是看着看着不知不觉还是想到了君がくれたあの日和純白サンクチュアリィ的PV,总觉得就是有很相似的感觉。。。。。。

到了Precious One为止,Minorin也出了7张单曲。除了Paradise Lost之外,其它的单曲的风格似乎没有太大的差别。虽然不是什么坏事但绝对不是什么好事,只是作为一个Minorin的粉丝,当然会很期待Minorin的曲风上会有一些突破。无论如何,希望Precious One大卖吧!!


After listening Precious One for a few times, arkAile feels that it’s a nice song. Although the feel for the song is nice, it just lacks that very IMPACT that I think is important for a song. The melody for Precious One sounds kind of bland to me, for the chorus doesn’t achieve the kind of climax effect to me. Lyrics wise is quite a good job, I like the part where 例えばまたあの日が来たあって、きっと同じ答えを選ぶて (If the day arrives again, I will definitely choose the same answer) (Wonder if I wrote this correctly…) is sang at the chorus part, just feel that it fits the whole song very much. Regarding the PV, the idea of using blackwhite and colour to bring out different feeling is awesome!! But somehow as I keep watching, the PV of Kimi ga kureta anohi and Junpaku Sanctuary just pop into my mind…

As Precious One is released, Minorin will have 7 singles in her discography. However, besides Paradise Lost, the style of Minorin songs just doesn’t change much. It’s not a bad thing but it’s definitely not a good thing. As a fan of Minorin, it is always my wish that there will be a breakthrough in Minorin’s songs. Anyway, hope that Precious One will sell well!!

That’s all for my comments, what bout yours?



  1. 真是一首不错的歌啊,就是喜欢Minorin的这种唱风,在歌声中散发一份优雅的气质。还有就是Minorin的歌曲几乎每一首都有的小提琴演奏元素,每次到了歌曲的中段都会有在听歌剧的感觉,这也是我被Minorin的歌所吸引的一点
    至于PV方面呢,ENTERNAL BLAZE的PV怎么从我的脑闪过啊。。。

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