Posted by: arkAile | December 7, 2009

Picture of the day: K-On! Seiyuus in 2D

Yahho~ 从seiup那里找到了好图,这次是K-On! 四位声优的图in 2D! 左起: 豊崎愛生、寿 美菜子、佐藤聡美、日笠陽子。

Yahho~ arkAile found some nice pics from seiup in the middle of the night ><, and this time it’s K-On! seiyuus illustrated!! From left: Toyosaki Aki, Kotobuki Minako, Satou Satomi, Higasa Youko.
Personally think that this pic has a resemblance of 90% to the seiyuus, it’s a GOOD JOB to whoever drew this. But…where’s AZUNYAN!!!???

无论如何,既然提到K-On! 的声优就不得不提两个礼拜前的AFA 09。今年的AFA能够邀请到K-On 其中四位声优到现场进行现场录音和访问实在是太令人感动了!对arkAile而言这个活动实在是太令人满足了 (认识arkAile的人大概都知道为什么吧,这里就不提了。。。) 很想感谢AFA 主办当局为大家带来这么棒的活动,相信有来参加这个活动的人都对声优稍微有更多的认知了吧?希望明年能够再请到声优到AFA呢!最后最后,附上K-On!五位声优的Blog 网址,想认识她们的话就去点点她们的blog看看吧~

平沢唯  役 豊崎 愛生 >> あきまつり
秋山澪  役 日笠 陽子 >> 日笠陽子のひよっ子記
琴吹紬  役 寿 美菜子 >> みなころび八起き
田井中律 役 佐藤 聡美 >> おさとう缶。
中野梓  役 竹達 彩奈 >>     Strawberry Candy


Anyway, since I mention about K-On seiyuus, might as well I talk something ’bout AFA 09 two weeks ago. It’s definitely something that K-On! fans should be happy about since AFA managed to invite 4 seiyuus from K-On! to AFA for a live afureko and interview. arkAile is very satisfied with this event (people who know arkAile should know why, so not talking much bout it here) Thanks a lot and GOOD JOB to organizers of AFA 09 on this wonderful event. I believe that those who attended this event should have a more understanding bout Seiyuu. Hope that there will be a similar event on AFA next year. Lastly, if you wanna know more about the seiyuus of K-On!, here’s the link to their blog~

Toyosaki Aki as Hirazawa Yui >> あきまつり
Higasa Youko as Akiyama Mio >> 日笠陽子のひよっ子記
Kotobuki Minako as Kotobuki Tsumugi >> みなころび八起き
Satou Satomi as Tainaka Ritsu >> おさとう缶。
Taketatsu Ayana as Nakano Azusa >>     Strawberry Candy

That’s all this time.



  1. Thinking of the event should make you stop emoing! XDXDXD

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