Posted by: arkAile | November 26, 2009

Picture of the day: 風をあつめて

这次纯粹分享好图,来自Sphere 昨天刚发行的第三张单曲<風をあつめて> 的图片。看第一次觉得好可爱,看第二次真的觉得很可爱,看第三次。。。。。。。。如果玩过Ragnarok Online的各位应该都看得出上面四个职业的服装吧?而各个职业分别代表着哪个Sphere的成员就请大家自己猜猜看吧~ arkAile可是一眼就看出了哦!这次将Sphere四个成员画成Ragnarok Online的人物实在是太令人感动了T.T

As the title says, just a random post on the best picture I saw today. It’s a picture from Sphere’s 3rd single released just yesterday — <Kaze o atsumete>. No matter how many times looking at the picture, I just can’t resist the cuteness……Anyway, Ragnarok Online players should be able to tell the 4 costumes for different job class ya? Each class represents a member from Sphere. Do enjoy guessing which job represents which member of Sphere. By the way, arkAile can tell it at just one glance .xD Lastly, seeing this picture just somehow makes me so touched…T.T



  1. 那個knight是aki-chan吧?
    可是我只看的出他一個罷了。。。。= =

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