Posted by: arkAile | November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Minorin~~

又是一年的11月18日了。在这么一个特别的日子当然不能忘了祝Minorin “生日快乐!” 呀!虽然在这里写生日祝贺Minorin 也应该不会看到,但就是想这么写 xD~~

从Daicon 到Lantis 祭为止能够在一年内看了两次Minorin 的现场表演,我应该算很幸运了吧?不过就算一年内看过了两次还是想再看Minorin 的Live。不知道年底的Countdown Live 和我有没有缘呢。。。

在我的20岁生日那天我拿到了生平第一个Minorin 的亲笔签名,那么Minorin 29岁生日那天我是不是应该也还她一个签名?,为了感谢Minorin 今年给了我这么棒的一个生日礼物,今天就决定把所有Minorin 的Live啊,DVD啊,CD啊都给看一遍听一编!嗯,就这样决定了!


Here comes another 18th November of the year. On this special day of the year, arkAile wants to wish Minorin a very Happy Birthday!! Hmm…although Minorin might not see this, but I still feel like writing so xD~

From Daicon to Lantis 10th Anniversary Live, arkAile has seen Minorin’s live twice in a year, guess I’m very lucky ya? Althuough having seen Minorin live twice a year, arkAile still wanna see more of Minorin’s Live. I wonder whether I got a chance to watch Minorin’s countdown live…..

On my 20th birthday, I got my first autograph from Minorin, maybe I should give Minorin my signature as a return on her birthday ya? to express gratitude, arkAile decides to do a Minorin DVD and CD watching and listening marathon today. Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do today!

Lastly, みのりん、お誕生日おめでとう!!Hope that みのりん will have more chances of performing in the future!!



  1. 祝実里酱生日快乐!

  2. hapi birthday minorin~

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