Posted by: arkAile | November 16, 2009

Minorin’s New Album on February 2010!


如果有天天阅读Minorin的blog的话,应该知道这几天是Minorin FC 为了庆祝Minorin 11月18日的生日而办的FC Event 的活动日。看到在FC Event 上有水原薰和崛江由衣通过大荧幕送上生日祝福,不禁让我再一次觉得。。。Minorin 和 Hocchan 的关系真的是越来越好了呢。。。 不知道什么时候再合作呢。。。不过这个不是重点啦!重点是在FC Event 上Minorin 公布了自己下一张名为 <Sing All Love> 的专辑将在2010年2月发售!!(拍手拍手!!) 看到Precious One 和 Sing All Love 这样的单曲和专辑名称,真让人不禁有一种 Minorin 最近都爱唱情歌的感觉,不过到底单曲和专辑是不是情歌就不知道了啦~~ 无论如何,期待 Minorin 接下来的单曲和专辑的表现呢!

顺便打个广告。有兴趣购买Precious One 的大家,可以到这里去看看,Midoriya似乎继上次奈々的<梦幻>之后,又再办团购活动了。


If you have been reading Minorin’s Blog everyday, you should know that Minorin is currently busy attending events for her fans club and these events are to celebrate her birthday on 18th November. Knowing that Mizuhara Kaoru and Horie Yui appeared on the big screen during Minorin’s Birthday event makes me feel that Minorin and Hocchan really have a good relationship with each other ya…I wonder what’s the next time they will do a duet or something together… Anyway, that’s not the point of this blogpost. During Minorin’s birthday event, the news of her next album <Sing All Love> has been announced and release is dated on February 2010! (Pachi~ Pachi~ ) Looking at the names of Precious One as single name and Sing All Love as album name makes me feel like Minorin likes to do love songs nowadays, but no one knows whether the songs are love songs. Anyway, I’m very looking forward to the release of Precious One and Sing All Love!!

Commercial time! If you wanna get a copy of Precious One and have no way of getting it yourself, you can take a look here. It seems that Midoriya is doing mass ordering again since Nana’s Mugen.


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