Posted by: arkAile | November 12, 2009

arkAileの旅行メモ 6: ランテイス祭り2日目


从日本回来快两个月了,终于挤出这点时间继续写日本旅游的记事了。这次终于轮到在富士急Highland 举行的Lantis 祭的记事了!!如果你不知道上面那张照片到底是什么东西,这里来为你解答。照片中就是Lantis祭物贩之一的Lantis便当(这样叫应该没有什么问题吧?)。。。没错,就是便当,领完便当自然就要去天堂报道啦~~~~~

It’s been almost 2 months since arkAile is back from Japan and thanks god I managed to find time to continue my travel memo blogposts… Finally, I’ll be talking bout Lantis 10th Anniversary Live in Fujikyu Highland. In case you are wondering what’s in the picture above, it’s one of the live goods for Lantis 10th Anniversary Concert, the Lantis Sandwich(?), oh well, I don’t really know what you call that…but it’s really something like sandwich…duh…


如果你不知道Lantis祭这个最大型的户外Anisong演唱会到底有多大,我只能说。。。就这样大咯~ ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ 根据官方数据是大约15000人。

If you are wondering exactly how big is this so called “Biggest outdoor Anisong live concert” is… I can only tell you it’s ↑↑↑↑↑↑ this big!! According to official press release, it’s around 15000 spectators.

接下来依照曲目来写感想,因为长度问题,只写比较有感想的~ 再来就是因为我只去了第二天的live,所以也只有第二天的感想啦~

I’ll be writing comments according to the set list. Due to length problem, I will only write on those songs that left me great impressions. Also, I’ll be only writing on the 2nd day because I only attended the 2nd day live~~


1.茅原実里 Paradise Lost
一首Paradise Lost作为演唱会开场效果还不错。这次能够和万人一起call 的感觉真的是太棒了!!有时候在想Lantis祭以Minorin 打头阵到底是好事还是坏事?好事嘛,是因为以Minorin 的空场能力和表演技巧,要把气氛炒热应该肯定问题;坏事嘛,才下午3点钟你要我怎样在户外爆UO啊???!!!

Paradise Lost as the opening of the concert definitely is a great choice. Having a chance to do concert calls with more than ten thousand people is definitely one of the best thing you can ask for in life. Even until today I’m still wondering whether Minorin as the headstart of the concert is a good choice or bad choice. Good thing, because Minorin have the skills and charisma to bring up the atmosphere for a big concert like this; Bad thing is… whats the use of breaking ultra bright lightsticks at the sunny weather of 3pm???!!!!!


2.茅原実里 Tomorrow’s chance
第2次听到Tomorrow’s chance的Live 版了,真的是感动到不行啊!!

Having the chance to listen to the live version of Tomorrow’s chance for the 2nd time is great!!


3.茅原実里 純白サンクチュアリィ
怨念啊!我的UW就是为了这一天准备的啊。。。结果直接被下午3点的晴朗天气给搞砸了。。。人家就是想要感受一下在Minorin 唱纯白的时候全场一片白色的光海的感觉啦。。。。(谜之音: 去多一次不是可以了咯。。。

Here come’s one of the sad part of my trip… I always wanted to become part of the Sea of White Lightsticks when Minorin sings Junpaku Sanctuary. I’ve prepared a few white lightsticks just for this day to arrive…but it’s still a SUNNY weather of 3pm ya………..sadded……



5.美郷あき 少女迷路でつかまえて
…In memories of Inakiken…
…In memories of Inakiken…
…In memories of Inakiken…
…In memories of Inakiken…

6.■コラボ:美郷あき×橋本みゆき 微熱S.O.S!!
7.橋本みゆき 秋色
8.橋本みゆき Glossy:MMM
9.影山ヒロノブ Welcom Toto
10.影山ヒロノブ 30years3ounce

A song specially wrote to celebrate Kageyama’s 30 years singing career. Singing + Playing Guitar + Playing Harmonica all by himself left me a very very great impression!!

11.■コラボ:影山ヒロノブ×飛蘭 I’m in you
看起来有点微妙的组合。先说一下,这是Lantis10年前制作的第一张专辑,影山的I’m in you里面的同名主打,这次邀来

A very interesting combination indeed. For your info, this song is featured in the first album Lantis produced 10 years ago, I’m in you by Kageyama. I must admit I was quite surprised that Faylan was invited to duet with Kageyama. Everything sounds normal when Kageyama was doing solo and until Faylan start singing, I suddenly felt very emotionally touched. I guess it’s because this is a song very suitable for a male female duet plus both Kageyama and Faylan have wonderful voices that makes me almost cried…


12.飛蘭 泡沫の小鳥達
13.飛蘭 mind as jugement
14.eufonius Idea
15.eufonius リフレクティア
16.結城アイラ colorless wind
17.結城アイラ Blus sky,True sky
18.伊藤真澄 透明な祈り
19.伊藤真澄 空耳ケーキ


At this point, the atmosphere seems to became cold….. until the next performance………

20.スフィア Future Stream
スフィア的Live 了啊!!(泪流满面。。。) 想到Future Stream 的PV是一片白色的,就毫不犹豫地把之前纯白没有用到的两支白色荧光棒给爆了。。。哪里知道看到前面都是一片UO。。。突然整个人貌似着火了,也毫不犹豫地爆了两支UO。。。整首歌的时间我貌似做了半个月分量的运动啊,几乎都是用跳的来call,不是因为我发疯了,是因为离舞台有点远加上前面某位老兄长得有点高,直接把我的视线给遮住了。。。不过这点高度是阻止不了我看みなちゃん的!!!顺带一提,スフィア这首歌似乎把冷冷的观众都给唤醒了。。。

The day has finally arrived for me to see Sphere’s live performance T.T… Thinking that the theme colour for Future Stream is white, I break 2 white lightsticks that I wasn’t able to use earlier without hesitating…however, it was seconds before I discover the crowd in front is covered with UOs… I don’t know what went into me but I breaked another 2 UOs I had without thinking too much… Anyway, calling for Future Stream is somehow equal to half a month of amount of my exercise. It’s not becuase I’m crazy or lazy, but the distance from the stage to where I was is quite far and some guy in front of me happens to be taller than me… but nothing is gonna stop me from seeing Mina-chan!! By the way, Sphere seems to wake up everyone who was getting colder and colder….


21.スフィア Super Noisy Nova
全力全开的call 仍然继续着。到了Sphere 的第二首歌我貌似又call 得更凶了,详细的情况我也不记得多少了,只记得我拼命地跳,拼命地喊,拼命地想看みなちゃん多几眼就是了。。。到了这里,

The full-burst style of concert call continues and it seems like I gave even more when it reaches the 2nd song by Sphere. Actually, I can’t remember much details. All I can remember is I jumped as high as I could, shouted as loud as I could and tried all my best just to get to see more of Mina-chan in live action… It seems like calling 2 songs for Sphere has successfully motivated me to do exercise equivalent to a few months of exercise….

22.後藤邑子 キラリデイズ

23.後藤邑子 恋のミクル伝説
ゴトウーザ様口中冒出一首大家意想不到的歌。。。竟然是恋のミクル伝説啊!!我还以为我这一生就这样没有听过这一首歌的Live 就这样结束了啊。。。全场瞬间充满UO,观众call 的反应肯定远远胜过スフィア啊。。。哦不,全场貌似都疯掉了。。。全场陷入一片ミミミラクル、ミクルル的热潮中!!!!

Just when everyone thought they can have a few minutes rest, Gotoza-sama seems to announced that she will be singing a song which everyone is very familiar of…YES! IT’S KOI NO MIKURU DENSETSU!!!!! I always thought my life will ended without ever hearing the live version of this song. In just seconds, everyone lighted their UOs, everyone went even more high than when Sphere was performing, erm… I think everyone just simply went mad… everyone was crazily shouting Mi Mi Mi Ra Ku Ru, Mi Ku Ru Ru…….

24.Little Non ハナマル☆センセイション
25.Litton Non bloooomin’

UWAAA!! Tacos Power!!! Me and Nakamas bought Yuuhi original Tacos from the stall outside after listening to this song….


嗯,我承认我不熟悉新谷良子的歌,可是MARCHING MONSTER倒是听过了好几遍也很喜欢,我也不知道为什么。就这样又为了一首歌做了半个月份的运动量。。。

I admit that I’m not very familiar with Shintani Ryouko’s song, however I somehow has listened to MARCHING MONSTER quite a few times before and liked this song… And so, I did another half a month worth of exercise…..

28.速水奨 Brightness~愛なら君だけに
速水:次のは、私から最後の歌です。 接下来是我要演唱的最后一首歌曲了。 Next, will be the last song from me…
みんな: えええええええええええええええええええ!

29.速水奨 sirius
30.緒方恵美 silver rain ~piano version~
31.緒方恵美 Silent decide

I must admit the fact that Hayami Sho and Ogata Megumi are both very professional singers….


32.椎名へきる I don’t care

First time watching Hekiru’s performance and it only takes seconds to be stunned by her performances. The way she sings, brings up atmosphere is more than awesome. I guess this is the reason why she is the first seiyuu singer to have her own concert in Budokan.

33.椎名へきる Over Drive
34.妖精帝国 鮮血の誓い
35.妖精帝国 Patriot Anthem

36.栗林みな実 Rumbling hearts

Here is where the climax of the concert begins. All those audience whom I thought was sleeping has ALL suddenly woke up and are all shouting as loud as they can. Minami sure has lots of fans ya!!


37.栗林みな実 Crystal Energy
栗林みな実 翼はPleasure Line
39.LAZY Burn
Lantis社长 + 影山 + 超级帅气的吉他手

President of Lantis + Kageyama + Godly Guitarist– Takasaki Akira arrives!! The other 2 members of LAZY has passed away few years ago. Unable to witness the full LAZY in action is sure a very pity thing. Anyway, President Inoue’s Keyboard plus Kageyama’s vocal plus Takasaki’s guitar is GODLIKE BEYOND GODLIKE!!! I am totally stunned by Takasaki’s guitar skills, he’s THE MAN!!!!

40.LAZY 感じてKnight
Mazinger 的OP。这次表演不只是影山一个人演唱,而是JAM Project全员演唱。仔细想一下,LAZY的Band 加上JAM Project 的演唱这样的组合,应该是超越一切的存在的组合了!!也难怪奥井还没开始唱歌就哭了。。。 果然,这个表演真的是神到我已经想不出形容词了。。。

OP for Mazinger. This time, not only Kageyama will be doing vocal, it’s all members of JAM Project doing the vocal. Come to think of it, the Band of LAZY + vocal by JAM Project is one of the combination that nothing can surpass in AniSong industry ya… Anyway, I lost my words to describe this godly, heavenly performance…

41.GRANRODEO modern strange cowboy
42.GRANRODEO Once & Forever
43.GRANRODEO Darlin’

44.JAM Project GONG
是JAM Project呀!!!全场燃烧了!!!

It’s JAM Project!!! Everyone’s burning already!!

Lantis10th15 45.JAM Project 牙狼~SAVIOR IN THE DARK~

No amount of concert calls is too much for JAM Project! Keep burning!! Motto! Motto!!

46.JAM Project レスキュー・ファイアー
这样才有燃烧的感觉嘛!!真的喷火啦!!!明明歌名叫rescue fire啊,怎么真的喷火了。。。まあ、いいか!

This is what we call BURNING!! Real fire in action!! By the way, since the song name is Rescue Fire, why did they bring in real fire…anyway, who cares?? Motto! Motto!! Motto!!! It started to rain slightly at this point, but this amount of rain is nothing compared to 15000 burning souls!!


47.JAM Project SKILL
神曲来啦!神曲啊!!一万五千人合唱就是这样的感觉啊!!最后四连”I can fly! You can fly! We can fly!もっと!もっと!!”之后,由きただにひろし带领大家做了10多分钟的奇怪的call。有多奇怪?连”Lantis水” 都变成了call口号,够奇怪了吧?为了这一首歌到底留了多少汗?到底用了多少力气去跳?用了多少力气去喊?真的是没有办法计算的啊。。。我只知道,那样流着汗呐喊,真的确确实实让我感觉到我还活着啊!もっと!もっと!!

The ultimate epic song has arrived!! Please imagine the scene where 15000 people sings together, then you will know how epic it is. After the 4 x “I can fly! You can fly! We can fly!Motto!Motto!!”, Kitadani Hiroshi leads everyone into more than 10 minutes of hilarious concert calls. What do I mean hilarious? Please imagine 15000 people shouting “Lantis sui”~ I don’t know how much I sweated, how much I jumped, how much I shouted. The only thing I can remember is that this feeling makes me feel so ALIVE!!


47 songs, lasting around 5 hours of concert ends in a very high mood. There were Hanabi at the end of the concert and YES! This is how a Matsuri should look like, Hanabi!!


This ends all of my memo for my 12 days long Japan trip, thanks for all your support till now. Please continue to support toteshinse in the future!!



  1. Wow, i wish my live can end after listening to koi no mikuru densetsu lol.

  2. 能听JAM Project现场演唱的SKILL,可以说是我这一生最大的心愿,
    I Can Fly! You can fly! We can fly!もっと!もっと!’啊!

  3. 我怨念的可不止一首歌
    16.結城アイラ colorless wind
    37.栗林みな実 Crystal Energy
    41.GRANRODEO modern strange cowboy
    47.JAM Project SKILL


    • 嗯,再一度 in memories of inakiken。。。xD

    • in the memories of inakiken…
      in the memories of inakiken…
      in the memories of inakiken…
      in the memories of inakiken…
      in the memories of inakiken…

  4. 好多“in the memories os inakiken”。。。。。

    I can fly! You can fly! We can fly!もっと!もっと!!

  5. 明年冲 JAM Project 的十周年演唱会,
    SKILL、待っています! XD

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