Posted by: arkAile | October 30, 2009

arkAileの旅行メモ 5: Tokyo Game Show 2009


过了快一个月都还没把旅行记事写完。。。我真的为自己的效率感到囧rz啊。。。无论如何,这次要说的是在幕張メッセ举行的Tokyo Game Show 2009!

It’s been one month since arkAile came back from Japan and I’m still writing bout it…weird feeling ya… Anyway, I’ll be talking bout Tokyo Game Show 2009 at Makuhari Messe!



第一次来到TGS的感觉当然是ドキドキ啦!能够看到这么多像Capcom,Square Enix等等的大公司参展的展览会感觉真的很感动,可是与其花时间感动,倒不如多走走几圈,多试玩几个游戏,多拿几张传单更好。

Above is the photo showing the no-so-crowded Tokyo Game Show…

arkAile is very very nervous when I first arrived at the venue. Looking at all the booths of those big companies such as Capcom, Square Enix and others makes arkAile very touched. However, it’s not time to enjoy the touching moment as there are lots of games to be test-played, lots of brochure to take, lots of freebies to grab….


大家都知道日本的很多ACG活动上都经常会邀请特别嘉宾到来帮助宣传,而这次Bandai Namco邀请到的是钢弹的头(误)。。。

As we all know, many special guests are invited to join ACG events in Japan. This time, we have GUNDAM at Bandai Namco’s booth xD!!



Who says Chocobos can’t fly? “Live” prove proves it all!!! xD



首先就是Final Fantasy XIII的试玩。虽然整个试玩过程只有短短的20分钟,可是那个震撼力却足以促使一个贫穷的海外留学生(没有误)想要存钱买PS3,原因就为了想玩FF13。个人觉得这次的战斗系统的概念很好,画面的品质也是不须质疑的,再来就是看了n次预告片之后都还是一样被感动得差一点流泪的那种感觉让人很想多了解FF13的故事,想知道最后Serah到底会怎样。这三点加起来大概就是一个成功的游戏所需要的条件了吧?

It would probably take days for me to write all my experience on TGS here, therefore I will just write something which left me a great impact.

First will be test play of Final Fantasy XIII. It only takes 20 minutes of test play to tempt a poor international student to start saving money for PS3 just to play FF13. Basically, I think the idea of the battle system is great, graphics is marvelous and after watching the trailers for many many times, it just makes me want to know more about the storyline and mainly what will happen to Serah in the end. I guess these should be the requirements to make a good game isn’t?



这次TGS没有办法试玩到~The Battle of Aces~实在是很可惜,可惜到了极点。虽然是没有机会试玩,但是可以抢先看到相关的商品也算是得到了小小的满足感了,同时,对~The Battle of Aces~的期待也更上一层了。

If you are can’t wait to play this game, please raise up your hand…(raising up hand)…

~The Battle of Aces~ test play isn’t available on TGS09 is definitely as powerful as Imagine Breaker for all Nanoha fans who attended TGS09. However, a sneak preview on goods for ~The Battle of Aces~ has slightly satisfied me…also, I’m now more looking forward of the release of this game.



这次就写这么多了~ 以上!

In case you are missing the crowds queueing up, here is a picture of it xD

That’s all for this time~




  1. 在钢弹的头旁边看到了GVG Next+的海报啊,想必已经试玩过了吧,好羡慕啊!
    还有就是要感谢你让我看到了~The Battle of Aces~的特点,很豪华啊!(感动)

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