Posted by: chris1809 | October 28, 2009

The First WS Workshop @ Johor Bahru!

WS is now available in Johor Bahru! Hooray~
WS正式在柔佛新山開始了! 拍手~

There will be a competition held on this weekend, 31/10 at Plaza Pelangi, JB.
It will be held along with an event called “I Love Online Games”, by Gogobase.
這個周末, 也就是31/10/2009, 在Plaza Pelangi會有一個節目, 在那個節目中會有個WS的比賽。
那個節目是“I love Online Games”, 是由Gogobase所主辦。


Competition Details/比賽詳情:
Date/日期: 31/10/2009
Time/時間: 1.30pm onwards
Venue/地點: Plaza Pelangi, Johor Bahru.
Entrance Fee/報名費: RM10
All participants will be given a Promo Card– 天真爛漫な春香
所有的參賽者將獲得一張特典卡- 天真浪漫的春香閣下

1st Place/第一名 – 3 pack of Booster pack + 1 pack of Card Sleeve/ 三包booster pack + 卡套一份
2nd Place/ 第二名 – 2 pack of Booster pack/ 兩包booster pack
3rd Place/第三名 – 1 pack of Booster pack/ 一包booster pack
*Prizes are subjected to change without prior notice./若獎品出現更換, 將不會另行通知。

Number of Participants/ 參賽人數: Maximum of 16/ 最多16人

Also, there will be special price promotion during the event AND only on the event!
此外, 在event上購買WS的物品將獲得特別的回扣價!



  1. JB終于有比賽了(感動),拜六肯定去捧場!

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