Posted by: arkAile | October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Aki-chan/ Love your life



新单曲名字叫<Love your life>,想要试听的话可以到这里。试听之后小小的感想—- 虽然豊崎愛生在<けいおん!> 里面那个软绵绵的唱腔很棒,但那不只是她的全部,不是软绵绵唱腔的豊崎愛生也很棒!新单曲里面两首新曲和她蛮相衬的。

如果你喜欢<けいおん!> 里面豊崎愛生的表现,相信你也会很喜欢这张单曲。有兴趣的话也请到豊崎愛生的官方网站去看看。



It’s another wonderful morning. Today is Toyosaki Aki’s 23rd birthday and also the long-awaited release day of her first solo single! I guess that’s a wonderful birthday present for her ya? Who is Toyosaki Aki? She is the voice behind the very high popularity Yui-chan from <K-on!>, Kana from <Kanamemo>, Ueharu from <To Aru Kagaku no Railgun> and more.

Title for her first solo debut single is <Love your life>, you can visit here to check out the preview for the songs. Here’s some little review on the songs by arkAile—- Although the fuwa fuwa kind of singing style by Yui-chan in <K-on!> is great, but that’s not all Aki-chan has. The way she sings in non-fuwa fuwa style is also very good. Also, I think that the 2 songs in the new single suits her well.

So, if you liked Yui-chan, I believe you will like this solo debut single from Aki-chan too. Don’t forget to check out Aki-chan’s official website too.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Aki-chan and hope that her single will sell well.

That’s all for this time~



  1. お誕生日おめてと!

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