Posted by: arkAile | October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ayahi-chan!



如果你不知道她是谁的话,这里做个简短的介绍。高垣彩陽是声优组合– Sphere的成员之一,而由于是四人里面年龄最大的关系,貌似成为了Leader。非常爱哭,性格有点天然,曾经被同事说是“真正的天然”,可是自己却不敢相信。CV过的角色蛮多的,包括了<D.C. II>的朝倉音姫,<true tears>的石動乃絵,<Gundam 00>的フェルトグレイス,<Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~> 的アイン和江漣。。。。

高垣彩陽毕业自音乐大学的声乐系,最近几个音乐作品中能够听得出她音域宽广的特点,有空的话可以去听听看Canaan的插入曲Maxi < チャイナ気分でハイテンション!> 和Gundam 00 的Voice Actor Single 「祈り†」/「Justice」。



It’s a wonderful Sunday today and it’s also the 24th birthday of Takagaki Ayahi!! (Pachi~ Pachi~)

In case you don’t know who she is, I’ll make a little introduction here. Takagaki Ayahi is a member of Sphere, a Seiyuu unit formed by 4 young female Seiyuus and because she is the eldest among the 4, she seems to have become the leader of Sphere. She likes to cry (witnessed and proved by her colleagues) and is also very air-headed. She even obtained the title of “The True Air-Headed” by other Seiyuus, however she seems to be unable to accept this fact. She had voiced Asakura Otome from <D.C. II>, Isuragi Noe from <true tears>, Feldt Grace from <Gundam 00>, Ain and Eren from <Phantom ~Requiem for the Phatom> and more.

Takagaki Ayahi specialised in vocal in a music university and through some of her songs lately, we can notice that she has a wide range of voice. I personally recommend Maxi for <Canaan>’s insert song — < チャイナ気分でハイテンション!> and also the latest Voice Actor Single from <Gundam 00> — 「祈り†」/「Justice」.

If you like Ayahi-chan’s songs or her performance as a Seiyuu, do show her more support. Once again, Happy Birthday to Ayahi-chan.

That’s all for this time~

高垣 彩陽


  1. 誕生日おめ~

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